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 Grotesquerie and Freakshow tactics.

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PostSubject: Re: Grotesquerie and Freakshow tactics.   Sat Apr 23 2016, 07:37

That's fun. Looking up a thread about freakshow in a table top game and getting educated in terms of the usage of words in the English language.

In Germany they teach us both which makes it sometimes difficult to stay consistent. In addition to the terms used by the English and the Americans. Ground floor and first floor anybody? Chips and (freedom XD) fries?

The Dark Eldar Codex sucks. You probably won just because your enemy loaded his dice to loose. Never forget this mantra and spread the word. Mention it in every discussion possible, people can´t get enough of that valuable information and need to be reminded regularely.
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PostSubject: Re: Grotesquerie and Freakshow tactics.   Sat Apr 23 2016, 23:08

@Jimsolo wrote:
I figured as much. (We went to school at the same time.) Did you go to a school where the administration (or the bulk of the teaching staff) were from a commonwealth country, by chance?

No, I don't think so.

The primary problem I have with it is that I learned all of the british spellings when I was in grade school, and had those same spellings marked incorrect in college, so now I find myself internally correcting about half the time in my own writing, so I sometimes catch myself spelling "realise" two different ways in the same document.

I instinctually write them with the british spellings, but consciously catch myself sometimes and try to change that. Becoming a 40k player who is active in online communities has exacerbated the issue, since I now interact with Brits a lot more on the internet, where my "incorrect" spellings are correct, reinforcing my "bad" habits.

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PostSubject: Re: Grotesquerie and Freakshow tactics.   Sun Apr 24 2016, 01:42

I just right click on words that have red squiggles underneath them.

Have not thought about spelling in years.

I write Microsoft English I guess lol.

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Freakshow, Best show.
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Grotesquerie and Freakshow tactics.
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