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 other army inspirations

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PostSubject: other army inspirations   Sat Apr 02 2016, 11:36

Hey guys (Admin please delete if not appropriate or in the wrong section), This is by far the best forum I have found for 40k... Dark Eldar are my main army, I also run Khorne Daemonkin and have a bunch of Necron boxes at my feet that I don't want to start until both armies are fully painted and based.  I love reading tactics, alternative lists (and how they play) and strategies for 40k.  So I just want to put the feelers out there, are there any other forums/blogs that you guys like?

Eye of Error (Dark Eldar) is great, but he doesn't seem to be active anymore.
The Daemonic Legion (daemons) was great for fantasy, but that died.
Blog for the Blood god (on facebook) I really like too for Khorne.

Apart from that there is Dakkadakka, I'm not really a fan of the set up as it's too hard to just find things army specific (maybe I am a dumb ass). Are there any others around? I would love to find a good one for the other Eldar races, especially corsairs...

So if it is allowed, please share the hobby love
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The Red King
The Red King

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PostSubject: Re: other army inspirations   Sat Apr 02 2016, 14:50

Might want to edit out the language.

1d4chan has some nice straightforward tactics articles.

For Khaela Mensha Khaine!
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PostSubject: Re: other army inspirations   Sat Apr 02 2016, 21:53

If you like Warhammer Fantasy and want to continue playing it, I suggest you check out "The 9th Age". It's a community dedicated to building an inofficial ruleset for the edition that never was.

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Ultra Magnus
Ultra Magnus

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PostSubject: Re: other army inspirations   Sun Apr 03 2016, 06:55

www.bolterandchainsword.com is excellent for space marine and imperial armies in general.
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PostSubject: Re: other army inspirations   

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other army inspirations
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