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 Sm white Scars.

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PostSubject: Sm white Scars.    Sat Mar 12 2016, 01:18

Battlescrib ruined me. I tried doing it the lazy way aND it failed me lol

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PostSubject: Re: Sm white Scars.    Sat Mar 12 2016, 07:03

Could you erase the superfluous rules parts? It's really difficult to read fast. But I think I saw that you put 10 true born into one Venom. But that's not possible. After those I gave up trying to read the list. Sorry.
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Mr Believer

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PostSubject: Re: Sm white Scars.    Sat Mar 12 2016, 07:37

As Metal pointed out, you have ten Trueborn in a Venom. Also, your Scourges are added up incorrectly somehow (Battlescribe doesn't make this mistake with me, so not sure what could have happened there, perhaps it's a bug specific to blasters). Basically the blasters have been added twice, bringing them to 46 points per model Shocked If this list was tailored towards White Scars, I'm confused by the Phantasm Grenade Launcher on the Dracon, as that has no effect on anything in his list. The Dracon himself is extraordinarily expensive too, even without that.

It would be useful to know what happened in the game, just briefly Smile But like Metal says, you should delete the superfluous rules stuff. Makes it very difficult to comment on and analyse.

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The Red King

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PostSubject: Re: Sm white Scars.    Sat Mar 12 2016, 11:54

You'll need to clear out those points cost. This is currently an illegal post I think.

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PostSubject: Re: Sm white Scars.    

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Sm white Scars.
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