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 All Eldar - "don't shoot me bro" 2000pts joined army

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All Eldar - "don't shoot me bro" 2000pts joined army Empty
PostSubject: All Eldar - "don't shoot me bro" 2000pts joined army   All Eldar - "don't shoot me bro" 2000pts joined army I_icon_minitimeTue Mar 08 2016, 06:28

Hi dark kin,

In our meta we have a strong Tau player who has a very powerful list and plays pretty well, while I started playing just a few months ago. I came to an idea of a cool, almost crazy list concept. Interesting to hear your criticism/suggetions.
The main strategy resolves around a deathstar psykers unit that casts amazing amount of spells, teleports around, scares and charges to death. Here's the list:
List (click to open):

So, the idea of the list is that all HQs unite in one unit and deploy on the table. All farseers try to get sanctic daemonology power "gate of infinity" to transport around. Baharroth grants the deathstar no mishap (and a nice 2+ save body to put upfront), Shadowseer protects the unit with Veil of Tears against ranged attacks, while warlord trait of Irillyth protects from close shooting attacks (when you shoot the unit and within 12", take a leadership check or you can't shoot) - which also benefits from his ability that for leadership tests enemies within 12" roll 3d6 and take two highest. Now, the cherry on top of this is that shadowseer's and archon's masks grant -2ld each to units nearby, making these tests hardly ever passable, and death jester, who grants another -2ld on the unit that took a wound from him - and the unit falls back in any direction jester's controlling player wishes.
After gate of infinity is rolled, I try to get fortune (re-roll saves) from runes of fate and psychic shriek on as many guys as possible (it's completely broken with -4 modifier to leadership, inflicts 4.5 wounds with only invuls/FNP allowed on average to e.g. a stormsurge). The harlequin learns shriek as second power after veil of tears as well.
If I don't get gate at all I try to footslog to my opponent (with fleet and crusader should be not too long), while constantly casting veil of tears. It's not very likely, but sometimes it will happen, but you know this list is about hilarious moments when I do roll it, lol.

The rest of the team tries to put down priority targets, score objectives, harass the enemy and let the deathstar fulfill their plan.

Thanks for reading so much text! What do you think? (the list is purely theoretical right now). It's designed to play vs Tau, but can be used against other opponents as well I think.
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All Eldar - "don't shoot me bro" 2000pts joined army
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