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 Can the Corsair Lynx shoot flyers?

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PostSubject: Can the Corsair Lynx shoot flyers?   Sat Mar 05 2016, 04:46

It looks like there's a contradiction in the rulebook, unless there's something I'm misreading:

In the Vehicles section, there's a line that reads, "A vehicle that moved at Cruising Speed can still Snap Shoot Ordnance, but of course, cannot fire any Ordnance weapon that cannot be fired as Snap Shots."

But in the section on different types of weapons earlier in the book, "Ordnance weapons cannot fire Snap Shots."

If I were to take an allied Corsair Lynx, would it be able to fire its Lynx Pulsar (an Ordnance weapon) at a flier? The Vehicles section of the rulebook says it can, while the weapons section flat out says Ordnance can never be fired as Snap Shots. I imagine there wouldn't be any difference if the Lynx were in zooming or hover mode, too? (It's got a special rule stating it can only fire Snap Shots while zooming.)
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PostSubject: Re: Can the Corsair Lynx shoot flyers?   Sat Mar 05 2016, 05:54

Short answer: no

You can't fire ordnance weapons at flyers because you can't fire snap shots with those.
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Can the Corsair Lynx shoot flyers?
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