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 Dark eldar/ corsair

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PostSubject: Dark eldar/ corsair   Tue Feb 16 2016, 21:10

Hey guys working in a 1850 list. What do you think.

Succubus / glave armor of misery
3 incubi in venom / d.cannons
3x 5 warriors in/ blaster in venom w/cannons
2x razorwing/ splinter cannon
2x raveger / 3 lance
Prince w/ void saber tangle feild grenade and shimershild
Traveler of ancient paths
Titan buster Cotorie
Baron w/ shadow feild jet pack key gen.
3x3 clouddancer w/darklance
1x5 bailstrike band w/lance and jetpack

The prince gose in the venom with the incubi and succubus.
The baron gose with the balestrike band to tank wounds and place portals.
The clouddancers can go in reserve or start in play depending on the mission, or opponent.
I have been having a lot of fun with this list playing test games with my buddy, and can't wait to bring it to the flgs and get some games in.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark eldar/ corsair   Fri Feb 19 2016, 23:22

I think it looks good, its really hard to get any feedback in corsairs ATM since they are so new and everything.
Im also experimenting with Bale-Lancers, my first game is tomorrow actually, il let you know how it goes, I think its good.

I think 2 Razorwing is a bit overkill, I would love to see scourges instead, maybe with haywire blasters?

Il get back to you tomorrow when I have time to fully analyze your list.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark eldar/ corsair   Fri Feb 19 2016, 23:39

Cool, thanks. I have played 4 games against dark angles. I am liveing this list. I'm using the razor wings to help with heavy infantry, like terminators. Mabe it is over kill. I haven't had any problems with armor yet, but I'll play around with some haywire blasters. I was also thinking about dropping the incubi and making room for a grotesquery, or dark artesian.
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Dark eldar/ corsair
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