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 Wulfen Counter Tactics

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PostSubject: Re: Wulfen Counter Tactics   Mon Feb 15 2016, 21:34

And at the start of the game do a long line of Reavers or Kabalite Warrior in front of your squads so he can just kill that one squad and nothing else.

The Dark Eldar Codex sucks. You probably won just because your enemy loaded his dice to loose. Never forget this mantra and spread the word. Mention it in every discussion possible, people can´t get enough of that valuable information and need to be reminded regularely.
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PostSubject: Re: Wulfen Counter Tactics   Wed Apr 20 2016, 03:26


I been playing friend, he uses the cav deathstar plus 5 groups of wulfen. The deathstar, is huge, he has a priest, lord, 3 or 4 cav, then 10+ wolves for extra hp.

My problem is getting past the cav that's in my face turn 1. For the wulfen, my plan is to DS 3 units of blaster born behind them and watch them melt away. Them cav is what kills me, last time I used a wraith host to get rid of them. Turn 1 they killed a WK, and I took vengence with 3 units of gaurd with D flamers, still didn't kill all of it, but I braught it down to 1 or 2 models. Then the wulfen showed up and murdered my gaurd.

They are a pain, I was hoping to see a better way to deal with them, but it seems we all have the same problem.
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Wulfen Counter Tactics
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