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 The Kabal of the Frozen Heart

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PostSubject: The Kabal of the Frozen Heart   Mon Feb 08 2016, 23:45

So I've been meaning to put these up for quite a while now but never got around to getting pictures of them until today.  Please note that I don't have a camera so they are taking from my cell phone so the quality is probably really poor.

The idea behind the army is that the Kabal of the Frozen Heart pulls warriors from all of the different Kabals and gangs in the Dark City.  The only linking factor that they are working for the Frozen Heart is the blue helmets or gems.  This is mainly cause I haven't nailed down a color scheme yet.

My whole collection.  Starting from the back left we have one Ravager w/ Darklances, Raider, 6 Reavers w/ cluster caltrops x2, 4 Venoms w/ extra cannons, 5 haywire scourges, Razorwing Jet Fighter, a NIB Razorwing Jet Fighter.

Next row from left to right.  Autarch with Banshee Mask, 5 Dire Avengers, Non finished Succubus, Archon, 10 Kabalite Warriors w/ 2 blasters, 10 wytchs.

Next two photos are the allied Kabal warriors (Kabal of the Jaded Dagger) split into two five man teams.

The Scourge gang The Bloodied Wings

The Venoms borrowed from the Kabal of the Jaded Dagger

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PostSubject: Re: The Kabal of the Frozen Heart   Tue Feb 09 2016, 02:30

I particularly like your scourges.

The red and orange combination is really appealing, and the little blue masks give just enough additional colour and detail to make the models really stick out.


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PostSubject: Re: The Kabal of the Frozen Heart   Tue Feb 09 2016, 18:58

You should paint the clear canopy frames, all clear looks off, perhaps base the flying bases as well. Looks promising.
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PostSubject: Re: The Kabal of the Frozen Heart   

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The Kabal of the Frozen Heart
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