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 Apocalypse Tactica

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PostSubject: Apocalypse Tactica   Mon Feb 08 2016, 16:39

Fresh-faced new guy here. My locality has a large multi-table apocalypse game coming up in the weeks ahead, and I hoped to scour the minds of more experienced Archons. I've been playing DE for years, but never in something this large of a scale.

List is raider spam with kabalites, msu foot kabalites and incubi, three squads of reavers, two squads of scourges, two razorwings, two ravagers, and about thirty wyches on foot (if that helps with advice any). Current plan is to come out of webway portals to increase survivability.
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Tactica   Mon Feb 08 2016, 21:05

I'd just go full MSU and use as many Raiders and venoms as possible.

How many points do you play anyway and what units do you own?
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Tactica   Mon Feb 08 2016, 21:54

Normally just 1500, but we've got 3000/per in a 10 person game. I got at least one of everything non-coven. About 60 kabalites, 30 wyches, 2 razorwings, 9 reavers, 2 ravagers, 4 raiders, one venom, 2 archons, drazhar, 15 incubi, 10 scourges. Almost all of it is in the list.
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Tactica   Wed Feb 10 2016, 22:22

I strongly suggest using some of the apoc formations. Some of them allow you to arrive from reserve turn 1 without scattering (which is essential when some many points are packed on the table). If you go second you won't survive in Apoc with your stuff on the table.
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Tactica   Thu Feb 11 2016, 06:09

Go for the formation with Large Blast webway portal.

When you play normal games you expect certain units to fullfill certain roles, like do damage, hold territory, hold units in assault. In Apoc entire formations or even players armies expected to do just that.

Joe hold territory there, while Matt atack enemy forces. Be very concentrated when building your force, it isnt take all comers, it supposed to do something very certain and you and your allies must decide what it will be.

By the look of your force you must fill atacker role - appear at some point and do critical damage. Likely thats 2 formations of Kabalite Web Strike. Everything is rerolling to hit on turn it appears. I'd get some freakshow stuff also, archangel of pain and armor of misery.

You then should decide if you atack at first turn or later turn. Webway portals should be placed at the beginning of the game, so you could use them as scare factor.

Generally speaking - in Apoc DE is alpha strike force that is coming in hard and fast and it either do what its suppose to do or die in that very turn it appeared.

In 5th you could also use those portals as way to enter reserve with other fomrations and units, you should look rules now i dont know if that is still worded to allow that, with change to webway portal in 7th book.

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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Tactica   Thu Feb 11 2016, 18:22

I line the Stormsurge formation from White Dwarf. Enemies can only Snap Shoot at your transports, and everything arrives first turn. If you use leadership shenanigans a la the Freakshow, then it also has a -3 Ld bubble.
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Tactica   Sun Feb 14 2016, 00:23

I am about to have a 3k apoc game tmr night.
I love the strategic asset card for no scatter with deep strike take all your raiders and venoms , load them up and you can bring them I. Turn 1, no scatter wherever you want.

Use movement to your advantage and plan to go second. Minimal deployment with a beta strike.
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PostSubject: Re: Apocalypse Tactica   

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Apocalypse Tactica
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