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 1,500 DE+E Fast List - Please critique!

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PostSubject: 1,500 DE+E Fast List - Please critique!   Sat Jan 30 2016, 05:09

Hey guys,

First post here, been creeping in the BG for a while. Looking to do a big buy of new toys soon so trying to get my list right. Looking for around 1,500 points. Dark Eldar + Eldar allies. Would love some feedback on the list before I commit the $$.

I wanted a list that really focused on speed. - Few points left over I think. Any recommendations would be great as I haven't played a game of 40k in years, I mainly just paint rather than play games. Doesn't need to be super competitive, although I don't want to lose every game either  Very Happy

Please critique/comment on it for me.

Dark Eldar - 995
HQ - 125 (joins the Incubi)
Archon: huskblade, shadow field.

Troops - 240
5 x Kabalite warriors: blaster.
5 x Kabalite warriors: blaster.
2 x Venoms: 2 x splinter cannons

Elites - 145
4 x Incubi (Archon joins)
1 x Venom: splinter cannon

Fast Attack - 345
Raider: Dark lance, night shield
Razorwing jetfighter: 2 x dark lances, splinter cannon, night shield, monoscythe missiles.
5 x Reavers: cluster caltrops, heat lance

Heavy - 140
Ravager: 3 x dark lances, night shield.

Eldar Allies - 491
HQ - 120
Farseer: singing spear, jet bike

Troops - 136
3  x windriders: 3 x shuriken cannons
+ Warlock: singing spear

Elites - 160 (go in the DE Raider)
5 x Wraith guard: wraith cannons

Fast Attack - 75
3 x Shining Spears
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PostSubject: Re: 1,500 DE+E Fast List - Please critique!   Sat Jan 30 2016, 07:44

I'd look for a way to add one more Reaver in, so you can grab 2 Caltrops and Heatlances. Those items will do the heavy lifting for them so you want to double up on their value.

Be careful with what you send your Archon into. He's not AP2, so if he's challenged by anything with a 2+ save, he basically forfeits his attacks or risks getting one shot. He also only forces a save on a 5+ to wound or possible even a 6. Huskblade is not as good as it should be - I'd recommend going for the more reliable agoniser, and with the points saved add haywire grenades (one walker will severally screw your Incubi).

If you're not stuck to the Archon, replace him with a Succubus with an Archite Glaive and Grenades - 25 points cheaper than the Archon you have, able to reliably beat 2+ saves, fight walkers and most importantly is not stuck on strength 3 the whole game. Additionally, her stats are better, she has an invulnerable save for free and you might get an awesome drug roll for her.

Even the +1 WS is actually good on a Succubus, because then marines only hit her on 5s, and you also have a chance of rolling it for your Warlord trait IF you pick the DE traits - so you've a decent chance of dueling all infantry exceptionally well.

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PostSubject: Re: 1,500 DE+E Fast List - Please critique!   Sun Jan 31 2016, 03:08

Right, thanks mate.

Nope, not attached to the archon at all, a Succubus sounds good. I'll shuffle a few things round then to squeeze in another reaver, caltrops + heatlance. Better to have 2 squads of 3, than 1 of 6 then hey?

What's the consensus on Shining Spears? I basically included them as they went well with the theme, and sounded fun, but could always look at moving things around to include some swooping hawks, Warp spiders or more wind riders?

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PostSubject: Re: 1,500 DE+E Fast List - Please critique!   Sun Jan 31 2016, 04:13

I always prefer to chose either caltrops or a special gun. Keeps the unit cheaper. Gives it a specific job. You can then use the extra points elsewhere

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PostSubject: Re: 1,500 DE+E Fast List - Please critique!   

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1,500 DE+E Fast List - Please critique!
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