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 Dark Eldar and Grey Knights allies

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar and Grey Knights allies   Sat Jan 23 2016, 14:36


This may sound a heresy, but never saw a list or a army with this combination.
And besides the odd apperance, it may bring some beneficts, for both sides.
Dark Eldar:
- Cheap troops,
- Longe range weapons,
- WWP,
- Cheap fast attack

Grey Knights:
- Nemesis Strike Force;
- Dreadknight;
- Tought units and CC oriented.

Did anyone tryed this combination in any forms?

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and Grey Knights allies   Sun Jan 24 2016, 03:34

I haven't tried this (despite having armies for both factions). However, I can see how this army would have a pretty solid null deployment option - it's almost a shame that there's no way of guaranteeing the "First to the Fray" Warlord trait for Grey Knights.

I'll start theorycrafting and see what I can come up with.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and Grey Knights allies   Sun Jan 24 2016, 07:28

Thanks for the response.
I also have both models. And my first toughts was the same that you.
But for now my Dark Eldar models are more a complemente for my Eldar, but still I have:
1 Archon,
1 Haemonculus
5 Ssylith (converted models)
20 Kabalites
10 Kabalites Trueborn
3 Raiders
1 Ravager.
I also will try to make a list and share it in this Post.
By the way, the Grey Knights Nemesis Strike Force is pretty good, but for that to really work, in my idea is needed to include a comms relay, in some kind of form is the list, to guarante the entering of 1st turn wave (GK) and 2nd turn wave (Dark Eldar).
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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and Grey Knights allies   Sun Jan 24 2016, 12:28

I think the issue with GKs and DE is that neither side really offers much to the other. For a start, neither codex is in a good position at the moment, so you're basically allying 2 bad books (rather than using a good one to strengthen a bad one).

Also, whilst they might go about things in different ways, there's a lot of overlap between their strengths and weaknesses. e.g.:
- Both are good against MCs with poor armour saves (DE have poison, GKs have Force Weapons)
- Both are pretty bad against GCs (GKs are probably a little better, thanks to the Dreadknight and arguably Draigo, but still not great)
- Both are bad against armour

There's maybe a use for allies in terms of DE going MSU to grab objectives and provide long-range fire, whilst GKs go forward. But, it seems like there are far better options for both parties. I mean, you're desperate allies - so not only will you need to keep all DE units more than 6" away from all GK ones, but the DE can't benefit from any GK psychic powers. Nor from any Draigo-teleportation shenanigans. Likewise, you can't use a WWP to get any GK units into position, or any other character-based buff.

It just seems like the GKs would be much better off going with, say, SM allies. They can also do MSU - with small squads of bikes and Scout squads in Land Speeder Storms. But, more than that, they can bring much-needed meltaguns, as well as various long-range weapons. And, you can freely mix and match characters and squads.

Likewise, it seems DE would be much better off allying with Eldar or Corsairs. Both of which can bring far better anti-vehicle than DE, along with various other stuff. Eldar can bring a ton of psychic support (which DE can benefit from), both Eldar and Corsairs can bring high-volume S6 shooting. Eldar even have a better version of the Dreadknight, if that's your thing.

Put simply, GKs offer virtually nothing anything that you can't get via Eldar. But, unlike Eldar, there are far fewer benefits and many more hoops to jump through.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar and Grey Knights allies   

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Dark Eldar and Grey Knights allies
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