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 1850 Dark Eldar/Eldar combo

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PostSubject: 1850 Dark Eldar/Eldar combo   Wed Jan 13 2016, 20:06

Hello all,

It's been a while since I've played much 40k (been playing Fantasy more pre-AOS) and I'm looking to integrate the Eldar in since I'm trying to play semi-competitively.

Basically it's Autarch with Reaper launcher, 2 scatbike units, aspect host with 2 DA and 1 7 man Dark Reaper squad, 2 D-Cannons, and Wraithknight
Bunker with Void shield and Ammo, archon w/wwp, double warriors with venoms and blaster/shredder (off by 1 point...) and 2 FA Venoms
Oh and of course 5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes


Autarch sits with the Reapers at BS 5 rerolling failed 1's shooting something out of the sky each turn safely in the bunker.

The wraithknight at least Turn 1 sits on the battlements on the bunker with the void shield in order to mitigate the alpha strike (to some degree).  

D-Cannons provide some board control and go off on their own.

Wraithguard go with the archon w/ wwp to take down whatever "needs" to die. Hopefully Reapers can open up the transport (if necessary). This unit is my anti-deathstar (hoping anyways).

Avengers are of course mounted on the Venoms.

I think this army deals with Eldar Jetbike spam really well since I can MSU and shoot them down with 4 venoms, 2 Avengers and 2 scat bikes.

I'm not sure how it does against Tau since I have limited experience against Riptide wing or Stormsurges.

Decurion would be tough because they are just so damn durable. I'm hoping the D-Cannons and Wraithknights can pick up the slack here.

I think the obvious weakness is really MSU tanks. A bunch of razorbacks would be tough since I really only have a few units to deal with them.

Any thoughts on the build? I know the bunker seems unfluffy but I find the 8 Reaper Launchers in a bunker to be such a strong firebase it's tough for me to not have it.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Dark Eldar/Eldar combo   Thu Jan 14 2016, 03:46

I like the small units of dire avengers in Venoms too. Nice substitute for regular Kabalites, and fairly affordable too.

That being said, it's rare to see Eldar/Dark Eldar list without some aspect warriors using a wwp caddy of their own. Especially as you're going Aspect Host.

With a few small cuts, you can probably afford:

Consider Fire Dragons as the last word for anything with an armour value on it.
Consider Warp Spiders for heavy infantry/light vehicle hunting.
Consider Medusae for MEQ barbecuing. They're the same price as your Dark Reapers, but they hit extremely hard in small numbers.

"Of course you should fight fire with fire! You should fight everything with fire."
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Dark Eldar/Eldar combo   Thu Jan 14 2016, 20:21

I'm planning on running this list on Sunday against either Eldar (bike spam) or Necrons... I will report back.

Local meta doesn't really rely on heavy armour (not so much that the Knight/D-Cannons can't prioritize)
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Dark Eldar/Eldar combo   Tue Jan 19 2016, 15:41

Ok so I'm reporting back as promised and I was able to play against both the Necron and Eldar players.

First game was against Necrons (I should specify that we play ITC comp and missions).
His army was roughly a Decurion with min tomb blades, 2x 10 man warriors, 10 Immortals, 2x Canoptek Harvests with min scarabs and 5 man Wraiths and a Destroyer cult.

I did get first turn and was able to knock out 5 Wraiths between the 2 squads and one of the Spyders. Essentially, the game was the Wraithknight got tied up by the Wraiths but ultimately dispatched them after 3 rounds of combat (I run the sword and shield variety). Dark Reapers did work on destroyers and ultimately I out ranged him to death. Final result, tabling by Turn 6.

Eldar bike spam army was a double CAD Autarch on bike, Farseer on bike, Wraithknight, 5 individual D-Cannons and I think 8 or 9 min scatbike squads and a couple of warp spider units.

He had first turn so I decided to reserve most of my stuff except for the the bunker w/ reapers and the D-Cannons. First turn wasn't so bad because he also reserved everything but the Knight, and D-Cannons. He was able to drop the void shield on the bunker with the Wraithknight but I was also able to scrape off 3 wounds with 1 volley of the Dark Reapers.

Turn 2 was critical as everything came in from both of our armies and he was able to take down the bunker and a couple of reapers, knocked out my D-Cannons. My stuff came in and I was able to wipe out in total 2-3 units of windriders as well as the Farseer and reduce the wraithknight to 1 wound. A lot of units were reduced to 1 man windriders and 1 man spiders. Turn 3 is where the army just really took it in the face and I had to tap since all venoms were destroyed all Avengers were destroyed as well.

So a couple of observations, while pretty effective, the dark reapers are pricey while insulated in a bunker. But they do throw out a scary number of shots it might make more sense to MSU them into little squads.

Archon + Wraithguard D-Scythes is good at eliminating a singular unit but afterwards is basically dead. Only really worthwhile if you anticipate Deathstars and are probably playing against comped Invis.

Sword and Shield Wraithknight is great but that Wraithcannon really does make a difference. I'm on the fence still.

Army needs work for sure, but against these armies my hope of playing a pure Dark Eldar force may require ultra venom spam or something.
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PostSubject: Re: 1850 Dark Eldar/Eldar combo   

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1850 Dark Eldar/Eldar combo
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