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 Anyone tried White Scars or Ravenwing?

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PostSubject: Anyone tried White Scars or Ravenwing?   Sat Jan 09 2016, 00:46

Hey there,

I've been looking at some of the new Ravenwing and White Scars rules lately, and have been wondering what other Dark Eldar players think of them.

On paper they do seem to combine a lot of speed and combine that with resilience, something our paper boats unfortunately are missing.

How similar are the playing styles I wonder?


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PostSubject: Re: Anyone tried White Scars or Ravenwing?   Sat Jan 09 2016, 05:12

I haven't played them but I would love to. It'd be a great experience
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PostSubject: Re: Anyone tried White Scars or Ravenwing?   Sat Jan 09 2016, 12:40

ive played ravenwing a bit they are very resilient and they can hit quite hard but they do suffer from being very expensive per model so you really cant afford to lose much of your force before you start becoming exceptionally weaker, you can counter this somewhat by flat out spamming small units as hard as you can. tactically they dont do so well spread out, need to be in a couple of clumps and move in hit a flank or weak spot and jink through the return fire or just take it on the armour...
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Anyone tried White Scars or Ravenwing?
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