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 Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas   Fri Jan 01 2016, 10:00

So as the title says, I've put together a list of what I think could be some interesting dark eldar changes. It's mostly rough ideas, with barely if any points values figured out. Sorry if there is becoming too many of these or if the ideas are just outright bad, but I was curious as to anyone's opinion on this site regarding them. I also must apologize for I am not proficient in pretty much anything but text documents.


Edit: My bad o.o never actually linked from dropbox before. I think this one is the way to do it? If not I'll... I dunno try something else. Sorry Crying or Very sad

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PostSubject: Re: Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas   Fri Jan 01 2016, 11:26

It might just be me but my dropbox says that this file "warhammer 40k doesn't exist"
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PostSubject: Re: Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas   Fri Jan 01 2016, 11:46

Nope. Me too
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PostSubject: Re: Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas   Fri Jan 01 2016, 14:07

Not to poo-poo everything again, as this looks something like what my old wishlist was, but the new corsairs list covers most of it - on turn 1.

Want venom blades in every unit? Yep, 10 points each - some units can take multiple
Combat drugs on every unit? Yep, 15 points
Assault 2 weapons, plasma grenades, and 2 close combat weapons on troops? Comes standard, and we'll throw in different weapons options and defensive/blind grenades as well as a version of battle focus.  Same price as wyches
10 point blasters? Ok, and we'll give you 2 per 5 men as well as the options for melta guns and flamers
Characters on bikes? uh-huh - jet packs too if you prefer to deep strike.
Relentless units? Sure - you prefer Bikes or jet packs?  Literally everyone can take at least one of these options.
Haywire for 2 points a man? 25 points per unit, so 2.5 points each for a 10 man unit, 1.25 for 20
Reduce deep strike scatter to 1d6? Yep
5+ fnp, fearless, rage, furious charge dedicated melee units? Sure, but on turn 1 instead of 4+ - Also 2 wounds and Can take melta bombs or venom blades.
Mandrakes gain a 5++?  Nope: but cheaper, better infiltrators with assault and defensive grenades and can take flamers, melta guns, and haywire grenades ok instead? 5++ available via a character upgrade of course
Preferred enemy and/or hatred? Conditional, but ya you can give a chunk of your army this.
Better flyers? Nightwing is probably the best anti air flyer, phoenix slaughters 3+ armor and hordes - LOW is a 12 HP super heavy flyer that can transport 30.
Better skimmer? Hornets are almost like cheating.  Venoms, vypers, and falchons are all available.  The firestorm might be the single best anti air unit in the game, while still leaving room to pack 4 other strength D skimmer tanks into heavy support.

Besides all the forgeworld vehicles, You can still use many of your existing dark eldar models.
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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas   Sun Jan 03 2016, 07:29

I still maintain that Corsairs are really Codex: Dark Eldar (good version).
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In Exile

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PostSubject: Re: Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas   Sun Jan 03 2016, 12:34

This does make me wish forgeworld was universally accepted. I'd hate to spend all that money on a corsairs army and never be able to use them.

Many of the tournaments I go to limit forgeworld to 1 unit per game.
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PostSubject: Re: Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas   

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Another group of fandex/wishlisting ideas
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