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 One Spirit - One Song, One Deadly Dance

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PostSubject: One Spirit - One Song, One Deadly Dance   Wed Dec 09 2015, 04:22

In order to understand the thoughts on this series HERE is the main thread where I discuss the use of all these forces as one and explore the different armies together. BUT this thread is to discuss the specific army list... to make it stronger as one entity. So I submit it here fellow players.

My notes on each unit and the thoughts behind it will be in Itallics like this.

Masque Detachment - 750pts

Special Rules for the detachment:

If troupe master is warlord, re roll warlord trait from Harlequins list.

Rising Crescendo - units with fleet can run and charge in same turn starting on turn 2.
I really like this rule, gives the units in the army a rather large footprint! even on foot, they are more than likely to make it into close combat with the enemy on my terms.

Elites -

Death Jester (60) Haywire Grenades (5) - 65pts
- I LOVE the death jester... the single reason I want to use this mini is because of the rule that allows me to choose the direction that the enemy will have to fall back to! I LOVE this rule and I cant wait to exploit the hell out of it... making the enemy come closer to me usually to make the charges easier etc.

Shadow Seer (60) Mastery Level 2 (25) Mask of Secrets (15) Haywire Grenades (5) - 105pts
- I have not really used psykers in 7th. I am looking forward to trying this guy in the army... some of the harlequin powers are rather good and I am wanting to try them. I am not sold on the mask yet... as the points spent there could get haywires for all my troupe masters... so we shall see!

Troops -
- Each troupe will be converted! The Dark Troupe will be mainy with dark eldar bits to make them look sombre, they are using the embraces, cheap and they represent brutality with their str 6 hammer of wrath! they will be used when I need alot of wounds put on an enemy unit also to kill some lighter tanks. The twilight troupe is my fodder... they are a bunker for the death jester really and can deal with some back end threats. But really they are just there to sit... if my warlord is a harlequin this unit will be it as well. The light troupe is the kiss troupe, to kill tough stuff or to take on elite units. They will alternate with the dark troupe to run in the transport or run with the seer to make them invisible.

Dark Troupe, 1 Troupe Master (35) 4 Players with Embraces (80) - 115pts

Twilight Troupe, 1 Troupe Master (35) 4 Players (60) - 95pts

Light Troupe, 1 Troupe Master (35) 4 Players with Kisses (80) - 115pts

Fast Attack -

2 Skyweavers (100) Haywire Cannon x 2 (10) - 110pts
- I am excited about the idea of these jetbikes... they are tough, and they will be some tank killers... the haywire cannons will strip hullpoints... the jump shoot jump will really help them stay alive and then the star bolas will be a nasty surprise to any units that get too close or deepstrike in the back field. I think the added anti tank is needed.

Star Weaver - 70pts
- The transport. I love that it carries 6 minis. Its a bit bigger than a venom but I do like the double shuriken cannon weapons on it. Depending on the opponent it will carry one of the troupes to war! And the guns will help against light armour tanks like rhinos.

Heavy Support -

Void Weaver - 75pts
- This is an all rounder, there is another haywire cannon to provide some AT and then if i play the unit smart the cannon can help as well. They are like venoms, but I do need this to complete the detachment and this is bare bones.
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PostSubject: Re: One Spirit - One Song, One Deadly Dance   Wed Dec 09 2015, 11:58

I think this experiment is really going to pay off for you. I've got a friend who's been playing an all close-combat Eldar army with a big group of Harlequins, Shining Spears and other assorted CC units and he's been rocking people at tournaments. The MSU approach has been excellent for him. I think it'll work equally well for you as you've still been running Wyches in your lists and are familar with whats needed to get them into combat.

The investment in a full masque will pay off IMO as "Rising Crescendo" is an enormous boon to Harlies.

Anyway good luck and I can't wait to see your new army on the table

Checkout my Project- Lions of Asuryan:Eldar Corsairs http://www.thedarkcity.net/t5288-lions-of-asuryan-craftworld-eldar-updates
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PostSubject: Re: One Spirit - One Song, One Deadly Dance   Wed Dec 09 2015, 20:56

Really looking forward how you will perform with this list. I gathering myself a troup so I'm interested by your experiment. But I'm not sold with the death jester. He is too expensive for a 2 w t3 character for my taste. What do you think of using 2 cegorach jest formation (one troup in transport, one squad of bike, one voidweaver) x2, sure you lost the 2 characters but add a lot more fire power. And you still benefit rising crescendo!
Ps : I really enjoy your last video rep.
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PostSubject: Re: One Spirit - One Song, One Deadly Dance   Sat Dec 19 2015, 03:23

Going to build the minis in this force next week
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PostSubject: Re: One Spirit - One Song, One Deadly Dance   

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One Spirit - One Song, One Deadly Dance
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