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 Team based GT results (Talavera, Spain)

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PostSubject: Team based GT results (Talavera, Spain)   Tue Nov 10 2015, 09:51

Hey guys, some time ago in the Army Lists section I posted a list for a Team based GT I was going to attend. You can read it http://www.thedarkcity.net/t13151-1750p-dark-eldar-harlequin-list-for-a-gt.

Anyways, Im back from the GT and wanted to write a very brief summary of how it all went down:

Game 1: vs DA/Wolfstar with 2+ rerollable cover. It went pretty decent. Used impassable terrain to my benefit as he couldnt shoot me down, won on maelstrom of war, got beaten in eternal war becouse I made the silly mistake of shooting my raiders pointlessly instead of saving them to turboboost the last turn, otherwise it would have been a tie. I lost by very little points (6) what against a ETC player I will take the liberty of considering a moral victory even though I could have easily won if I had put a little bit of thought into my turn 4 and 5 movements.

Game 2: vs Admech/Skitarii/IK War Convocation: deployed very aggresively, got the initiative stolen away from me, half my army crashed and burned turn 1, went on tilt like a boss, started making huge positional mistakes that my opponent punished freely. TLDR: I played like garbage so I got owned.

Game 3: vs BA with the triple stormraven formation (cant remember the name) that let him assault after deepstriking with 2 massive death company units. Blew up an stormraven with starweavers (rolled an AA misterious objective) and turboed behind him, baiting him to go into gliding mode to be able to shoot me down. He took the bait and I destroyed them with harleys, shooting the death company units a little to soften them up to harley/Talos charges in the next turn, killing them both and winning by tabling him.

Game 4: vs Necrons with destroyerwing and Necron Deathstar. I basically played with his range. Stayed 30+" of him at all times and softening his destroyers until I could countercharge with harlequins, killing them easily and taking the board for myself. He was hesitant to expose his deathstar to venom fire so I completely ignored it except from the last turn in wich I assaulted it with invisible Talos to prevent it from advancing and capturing objectives. I didnt table him but  close.

Game 5: vs double wolfstar+ 2 Stormwolfs.
Got the harlequin trait of stealing initiative with a 2+ roll so I made him deploy first, deployed accordingly, seized the initiative and blew up one of the wolfstars with combined fire from starweavers, raiders, voidweaver, venoms and Talos. The other one ran and hide so I turboboosted to his table edge to prevent damage from his stormwolves when they went out of reserves. Killed the other wolfstar with psychic shrieks+harlequin charge and tabled him by turn 4.

Overall I think the result was positive but every time I think of game 2 I feel stupid as hell. I could have easily won or at least tied that game if I just kept my cool and didnt tilt off the face of the earth, but well, crap happens. I got our team 71 points.

The rest of my team had dispar results.

The Necron guy did okay considering he played against the matchups no one wanted, winning by a lot 2/5 games and losing by little the remaining 3. got us 52 points.

Orks were tabled 4/5 games and lost the remaining one by little only gaining 17 points in the whole tournament.

Eldar tabled his opponent 4/5 games, losing the remaining one to an SM battle company, getting us 82 points.

We ended the tournament in 11th out of 22 teams. Nor bad considering we were basically a 3-man team lol!

Besides from the games, I had a really good time, my opponents were all really nice, didnt have problems with anyone and almost tear my insides laughing. If there is any spaniard around him I REALLY recommend him to get his ass to Talavera next year. Its a great experience.
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PostSubject: Re: Team based GT results (Talavera, Spain)   Wed Nov 11 2015, 00:26

Congrats on the good showing! It's encouraging to see someone do so well with harlequins.
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Team based GT results (Talavera, Spain)
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