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 1500 competive DE + Cast of Players

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PostSubject: 1500 competive DE + Cast of Players   Thu Nov 05 2015, 19:45

The army consist of a Realspace Raiders Detachment + a Cast of Player Harlequin formation

CG: Archon (WWP, Shadow Field, Agonizer, Soul Trap, HWGs, Armour of Misery, Phantasm Grenade Launcher)
Cast of Players:
Troupe (6) (3x fusion pistols, 5x Caresses, 1x Kiss)
Shadowseer (Mastery 2, Mask of Secrets, HWGs)
Death Jester (HWGs)
FA: Raider (Dark Lance, Night Shields)

FA: Venom (hull Splinter Cannon)

FA: Razorwing Jetfighter (2x Dark Lances)

Troop: Kabalite Warriors (10)
+ Raider (Dark Lance, Night Shields, Splinter Racks)

Troop: Kabalite Warriors (10)
+ Raider (Dark Lance, Night Shields, Splinter Racks)

Elite: Kabalite Trueborn (5, 4x Blasters)
+ Venom (hull Splinter Cannon)

HS: Ravager (3x Dark Lances)

Exactly 1500

Basically, a shooty army base and then a deepstriking bomb with the harlequins+archon in a Raider, able to put a hole on Knights and wraithknights, or use Leadership-based attacks on the most dangerous threats.

The Shadowseer is there for Psychic Shriek so he will roll completely for Telepathy, and hope for anything but Mental Fortitude. On the other hand, deployment will be limited to Dawn of War (long edges), so I can try to disperse objectives so the enemy does the same, and in that situation Veil of Tears may be interesting...

Thoughts? I'm interested in anything that could make this thing more capable against the most competitive lists out there. If not, at least make it funny and playable.

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Klaivex Charondyr

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 competive DE + Cast of Players   Thu Nov 05 2015, 20:14

I do play something similar for fun and giggles, also with the cast of players in the center. Mine is a little different.

I use a succubus. She gets slightly more out of the Armor and has a built in melee invul. Also her ability to get AP2 synergizes better with the harlequins.
I dong use the kiss, just the caress and no fusion pistols. If they really really want (I don't but who knows) they can take on a knight in melee possibly and get away with it.

Also no gunboats. That is a matter of taste but venoms have a slight edge in overall firepower and a huge edge in objective control.

To be fair I would even go as far as adding in an eldar CAD. The problem you have here is that you get denied too easily and a single miss can render your investment invalid.
Could look like this:

Succubus, Glaive, Misery, HWG

5x Kabalites, Venom, SC
5x Kabalites, Venom, SC


Ravager, Lances

Farseer, Anath'lan

3x Windrider
3x Windrider


Cast of Players
Shadowseer, Lvl2, HWG, Mask
Jester, HWG
5 Players, Troupe Master, 6 Caress

1497 points

Features 4 D blasts, another -2 modifier (hemlock) and 5 spellcaster for 12 dice. One of the Seer will have to pick Runes, but that does only add more survivability to your "wannabe deathstar" as rerolls do get nasty.
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1500 competive DE + Cast of Players
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