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 750 pt game Dark Eldar Vs Necron Tournament Battle No. 3

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750 pt game Dark Eldar Vs Necron Tournament Battle No. 3 Empty
PostSubject: 750 pt game Dark Eldar Vs Necron Tournament Battle No. 3   750 pt game Dark Eldar Vs Necron Tournament Battle No. 3 I_icon_minitimeWed Oct 28 2015, 07:21

Before I begin, I am going to lay this Batrep out in a story type of setting, hopefully this will bring more life to the batrep. Smile I lost this game, on the first turn, I was tabled before I could get out any of my reserves, but, we played another fun game afterward which I will be doing the batrep on, it was objective based, coming from the point of view of the Dark Eldar in a short story type of way. I hope you enjoy. Very Happy

Archon Raime, a long time and distinguished Trueborn Archon, found a small woodland area on a Deathworld with ties to Khorne, and the C'tan, apparently, these artifacts contained powers that would be granted to those who would appease them. Raime was ready to take any type of power that could further his hold on his Kabal, and stave off the thirst of Slaanesh. The planet itself was virtually isolated, any living thing on this planet were complete feral animals, nothing that could truly threaten his forces.

The five Trueborn who were scanning the area came on top of a hill, one looked through the scope of his Dark Lance and saw a massive stone slab with stone pillars, the monument to Khorne, as he looked, he panned more across the landscape to see sickly green energies, and then he saw it, large groups of the automatons, carrying tesla cannons, two massive barges suddenly began to slowly slide out of the horizon. Raime was immediately contacted, he then knew, these relics won't be as easy to control as he thought, knowing most of his forces would need to fly out from the Webway to assist his warriors, he began to carefully plan where and when he would bring out his forces.

The Trueborn silently moved down the hill, trying to avoid any attention they possibly could, as they waited for reinforcements, the Necrons began to pan across the field, the immortals slowly walked across the field, taking control of the artifacts Raime desired, the barges spread out, each taking a corner and sliding down the field, Raime knew they were aware of their presence, he knew he had to attack swiftly and violently, a Venom shot out of a portal in the sky as it careened behind the Necron line, five Kabalites accompanied the Venom, readying their weapons, just as suddenly, a Razorwing began to shoot out from behind the Necrons, it dropped two Monoscythe missles flying directly towards one of the barges, one detonated behind it, slicing a good portion off the back, the next exploded right in front, but didn't manage to do any damage, it fired the violent energies of the stolen sun right into its hull, grazing it once again, the Venom unleashed full fire to bear into the ranks of the Immortals, the poison of its venomous guns reacted violently with the Immortals, two of them hit the ground, the passengers unloading more fire from the balcony of the Venom, but to no avail the Immortals armor was strong, the Trueborn were next to act, running into position, they were unable to make accurate shots, and the two Dark Lances shots missed the barge by a wide margin.

The trueborns fire alerted the attention of the ghastly ghouls of the Necrons, the Flayed ones began to move quickly towards the Trueborn, turning their attention from the barge, their blood rushed quickly, stricken with fear, they knew they were doomed and fired rounds that completely missed, they dropped their guns and picked up their blades, ready for whatever was going to happen, the Immortals right next to a strategic area, were perfect for skyfire, and began to unleash upon the Razorwing, the pilot not sensing the danger, was caught by two shots, which did relative damage to his craft, smoke began to gout out from the hull, the Barge still shaken from its assault, fired rounds off at the Razorwing, but the pilot knew he had to move, and took the craft in movements to avoid the fire, the other group of Immortals, who to Raimes surprise were accompanied by the Necron Lord, who began to fire his powerful staff along with his Immortals tesla cannons right at the Venom, knowing that its armor was weak, the pilot began to do maneuvers to avoid the fire, which did succeed, unfortunately, he did not notice the other barge who was in perfect line of sight, and fired massive shots off, smashing into the Venoms hull, the pilot was instantly killed, the Splinter cannon pilot was flung off and smashed into the ground like a rag doll, the passengers gripped the railing with all their strength, and managed to stay in place, the Venom hit the ground and they got out quickly, ready for what was next, the Trueborn though terrified, were valiant, and ran forward to the Flayed ones, with quick movements and fast blades, they cut through two of the Flayed ones, severing a vital unit in their neck, one hit the ground, another trueborn, slashed quickly and with finesse, rattling a flayed ones chest apart, the remaining four then reacted quickly, three of the trueborn were sliced with their thick claws, tearing through their armor like paper, the last Trueborn took a last long breath before he was impaled and thrust into the air, his helmet hit the ground, he stared into the machines dead green eyes, and spat blood across its face before the light left his eyes.

Raime knew he needed the rest of his forced out as soon as he could, so the next Venom, with another squad of warriors shot out of the sky landing next to the flayed ones, Raimes personal Venom, dropped out of the sky near the monument, and very close to the Necron Lord, the Razorwing flung out of the combat space to avoid any more significant damage, the crew of the crashed Venom, readied themselves for death, and hid by the hull of the crashed venom, the warriors fired their Splinter rifles into the barge in desperation, doing nothing, until one of the crew held his Blaster and with a well placed shot, bore a massive hole into the barge, smashing one of the warriors manning a gun, the other Venom and its crew began to unload into the Flayed ones, killing two trying to avenge their Kabalite brothers, one of the two who hit the ground rose up just as suddenly as it hit, the Archon aimed his Blaster across the railing of the Venom at the Necron Lord, who then suddenly erupted with a massive sickly green light, blinding Raime and the Venoms pilot, the Incubi silently crouched, all the fire from the Venom was done with no aim, and was shrugged off by the Immortals, Raime crouched to avoid the rebound, which was done quickly, shots splashed against the Venom, some flying above Raimes head, the Venom then hit the ground, Raime and his Incubi readied themselves, the Flayed ones charged into the last surviving Venom, only to realize the flickerfield bounced their claws backwards, the barge unloaded another flurry into the warriors two were fried inside their suits of armor, the remaining three were brave enough to hold their ground.

The Razorwing flew back into airspace unloading more shots into the Immortal squad, devestating their ranks, the Venom flew out of claw range of the Flayed ones, and turned around, peppering the rest of them with poison fire that made them hit the ground, and stay. Raime, then turned on his Shadowfield, a massive black ball of energy began to course around his body, the three Incubi turned their gaze to the Immortals, Raime gripped his Huskblade tight, his Rage for the old enemies of his kin boiled inside him, he dropped his blaster, and grabbed the completely smooth obsidian cube off his belt, which then came alive with dark blue fire, he and the Incubi then rushed the Immortals and their lord, the Immortals fired their weapons, tesla arcs flied past them, but two very well placed shots smashed into Raime, blowing right through the Shadowfield twice, thick blood ran down his body to the ground, he bit his lip inside of his helmet with joy, the pain felt so good. As he kept running, he stared right into the Necron Lords visage, who in turn began to walk towards Raime, and stepped onto the stone slab of Khorne, Raime changed his charge from the Immortals right to the Lord who accepted his nonverbal challenge, the Incubi lifted their Klaives and tore through the ranks of the Immortals, decapitating four of them with relative ease, their furious charge and the strength of their Klaives cut through them like a blade through air, the Immortals reacted, but were blocked by the Incubi easily, one well placed shot hit an Incubi, who's armor deflected the hit with ease.
Raime who had sustained deep wounds from the Immortals knew his shield would short out any moment, with rage in his heart and the skill that only an Archon has, he acted quickly, the slow moving Necron lord was eternal, the Huskblade wouldn't take him as easily as it would anyone else, but it mattered not, Raime swung the Huskblade beautifully, decapitating the Necrons leg, and with another fluid movement, swung upward, right through the Necrons torso, as the Huskblades horrific chemical reaction took place, the Necrons body began to explode into dust, and just before the chemicals ran too far, Raime smashed the Obsidian cube into the Necron Lords skull, tearing it off before the Huskblade got to it, virulent energies flowed from the head of the necron lord into the Obsidian cube, Raimes body was then full of energy and strength, something he hadn't felt since before The Fall, the Braziers of the Stone pillars suddenly lit up with blood red fires, as the Immortals turned to flee from the Incubi, they were then shredded where they stood before a step was even made by these elite warriors, who then ran next to the Archon, in case any daring Kabalite had the gall to try and fire upon Raime.

Raime then turned his attention to the remaining Necron, who gripped artifacts tightly, before vanishing into thin air with their artifacts, Raime then stared at the battlefield, and saw that though he didn't get all of them, but knew that this raid was worth it, he looked at the lit braziers and how the stone slab came to life, and waited for whatever boon it was he would gain.

~Chop me up and wear my skin, show me how to live, tear me down, clean me up, now spill my fu#$*^ guts.~
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750 pt game Dark Eldar Vs Necron Tournament Battle No. 3
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