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 Restoring the Archon to former glory

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PostSubject: Restoring the Archon to former glory   Tue Oct 27 2015, 20:31

I think that all the Archon really needs is something like the following two items added to his profile:

Weapons of Peerless Quality:
Archons have access to weapons of the very best craftsmanship in Commorragh.

10 pts: the Archon may make any one of his weapons AP2, from the following list:
power sword, huskblade, agonizer, djinn blade.

5 pts: The Archon may replace one of his weapons with a venom blade.

Archon combat drugs:
Archons purchase drugs that are specifically suited to their personal inclinations.

The archon may choose one of the following:

10 pts: +1 S
10 pts: +1 T
10 pts: Rampage
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PostSubject: Re: Restoring the Archon to former glory   Fri Feb 26 2016, 17:56

Another way to go might also be giving him access to, or just making it so all his weapons count as master crafted.

they also desperately need to give him biker and sky board options.
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PostSubject: Re: Restoring the Archon to former glory   Fri Feb 26 2016, 23:02

More options is always good.

Power Weapons other than swords are a must for the next codex, btw.
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PostSubject: Re: Restoring the Archon to former glory   Sun Feb 28 2016, 18:37

I don't think archons and succubi (and indeed any eldar characters) will ever be as deadly as they should be until they finally make WS matter as much as it should. Make it like the 'to wound' chart, where every point higher or lower is a significant change. For example, a space marine captain would hit an archon on 5+, a succubus on 6+. By the same token a kabalite warrior would have a very hard time hitting the captain, while an Avatar of Khaine or Bloodthirster would laugh at all of them.

You would have to have a serious points cost overhaul of course, but you would end up with characters that actually do use skill rather than heavy armour to win, like they're supposed to. Taking a shadow field and hoping it doesn't fail is not a satisfactory solution. Eldar characters should be expensive character and utterly deadly, especially in one-on-one fights. As it is, even a very basic space marine captain is going to beat one, AP2 or not.

"Oh how awful, did he at least die painlessly? To shreds you say? Well, how's his Dracon holding up? To shreds you say? Very well then... Sad, sad, terrible gruesome news about my colleague Archon Mhu'bhutu." - 'The Feather', Dracon of the Bladed Lotus
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PostSubject: Re: Restoring the Archon to former glory   

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Restoring the Archon to former glory
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