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 Help with upcoming campaign finale

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PostSubject: Help with upcoming campaign finale   Thu Oct 22 2015, 17:06

Hello everyone, i am a very new DE player (only about 8 Games with my list). This coming week i have a game i needed to play and win for a chance to win the current campaign were playing at the shop. It might be random opponents, or we might get to choose, but in all im expecting a Tyranid vet and am a little worried at what he might bring.

My list idea (1850):
5 Raiders (splinter racks, Dark lance) - 10 Warriors each ( with blaster*debating this or shredder)

Jetfighter- Darklances/splinter cannon, shatter field missiles

Bomber - Voidbomb, shatter field missles, void lances

Archon(huskblade, parasites kiss) + Court - 3 Sslyths 1 lhamaeaen (all in venom)

Ravager - 3 dark lances

*free* Warlord - Haemon - hex-rifle and any other upgrade i can put on him. ( it was free warlord)

This is what i have as a base and im pretty happy with leaving me with about 175 in points left. I could but another troop set or sell Ravager for talos of 3. My enemy im expecting between 3-5 flyrants and eitehr venom thropes or genestealers. and the psyker one (idk the tryanid models). Any reccomendation would be awesome thank you!

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PostSubject: Re: Help with upcoming campaign finale   Thu Oct 22 2015, 23:47

I think the Bomber is a drag on your list. What other models do you have to choose from?
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PostSubject: Re: Help with upcoming campaign finale   Fri Oct 23 2015, 03:56

Well, regardless of what you end up using, here is a tactca page from a previous post about how to play against Tyranids. Has helped me out tremendously:


Mr Ghoti on the 16th post makes some especially good recommendations
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PostSubject: Re: Help with upcoming campaign finale   

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Help with upcoming campaign finale
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