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 Support for an allied Farseer?

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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Support for an allied Farseer?   Thu Oct 15 2015, 22:03

I want to play around with the Psychic Phase a bit and the Skyrunner looks like a good option, but I'm curious what unit I'd pair it with. The Windrider bikes look like the obvious choice, but outside of their armor save (and weapon options, but I feel that'd make them too expensive) it doesn't really seem like they have anything going for them. Reavers are another option and a unit I'm quite fond of (and fluffwise I like the idea of modeling an Outcast seer on a Reaver bike, with some Rangers as the troop tax as a group of Craftworlders who've fallen in with the Commorrites) but there's the issue of the Reavers' primary defense being jinking, and I don't very much like having the idea of having to snapfire Psychic Shriek (is that how the rules work?).

Beast packs are the other choice that come to mind, but I've never played with them before and have no idea how I'd go about fielding them. Khymerae seem like a fair choice for their numbers and T4, but Clawed Fiends' T5 seems pretty nice too despite their cost. One idea that came to mind is one Razorwing Flock to absorb wounds with its 3W, and two Clawed Fiends to give the unit majority T5.

How do you guys run your allied Farseers? Is Jetbike + Spirit Stone of Anath'lan + Singing Spear a decent build for them? My familiarity with Craftworlds is near-zero. Psychic Shriek is something I'd like to play with (I have two Coven formations and could get Armor of Misery on something for -4LD), and throwing in a Hemlock as a second source of Shriek sounds appealing too. Maybe later (or instead of the Farseer) a Cast of Players for a further -2LD (and a further Shriek source), but that formation does seem like a pretty heavy points investment for not as much Warp Charge.
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Count Adhemar
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PostSubject: Re: Support for an allied Farseer?   Fri Oct 16 2015, 00:14

You could try a Seer Council (2 Farseers and 5+ Warlocks in a single unit, can be on jetbikes). They have a lot of powers and a lot of warp charges plus they cast on a 3+.


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PostSubject: Re: Support for an allied Farseer?   Fri Oct 16 2015, 02:14

I run one of three options.

Windrunner plus Scatbike Windriders. The upgrades are reasonably costed and wonderful. Plus they're ObSec.

Windrunner Seer Countil. Psychic Phase is you ur bread and butter, and Conceal gives you a 2+ Jink.

Seer Council with two Shadowfield Archons in a Raider. Fortune will net you a 2++ Rerollable save for your tanks.
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Darkgreen Pirate

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PostSubject: Re: Support for an allied Farseer?   Fri Oct 16 2015, 04:27

don't think you can cast fortune in a raider-only witchfires out of transports. brb p25.

Seer council on foot is decent though if they are on bikes and you have warlocks buffing to a 2+ armour save already the archons are rather superfluous. Tack on Invis from a farseer and you have a ridiculously survivable unit.

That being said at 27 points a model Windriders are an amazingly good obsec troop unit. Move 12, shoot 36 4 times each and str6? shenanigans! Arguably the best Troop unit in the entire game.

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PostSubject: Re: Support for an allied Farseer?   Tue Oct 27 2015, 21:22

I'm reasonably sure one of the seer council's restrictions is no other ICs can join the unit (plus the unit can not split up).
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The Red King

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PostSubject: Re: Support for an allied Farseer?   Tue Oct 27 2015, 23:32

Codex handy I'd like to clarify that the farseers may not leave the unit but there is no restrictions on what other characters may join.

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PostSubject: Re: Support for an allied Farseer?   Mon Nov 02 2015, 22:47

I've allied in two farseer on foot to support either 6 grots or 5 scythe guard with an Archon in Armor of misery with both farseer trying for invisibility. When it comes to troops I've been adding 1 to 2 units of 5 dire avengers in wave serpants. The twin linked bright lances are always nice and they can usually survive more fire than our raiders or venoms (though a 3+ jink is handy). I'm looking at picking up some guardians on jetbikes to run around with a farseer or two on bikes to complement a more coven based list and try more freakshow tactics.
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PostSubject: Re: Support for an allied Farseer?   

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Support for an allied Farseer?
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