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 Baneblade Variant or Knight Variant

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PostSubject: Baneblade Variant or Knight Variant   Fri Oct 02 2015, 02:55

Which would be better. Im looking to get a low (besides dante) for my blood angels army since i usually play games with them at 3k points or higher and want a centerpiece model. They are both around the same price and i am curious as to which is the better option or which variant of either one do you find optimal. I run a very elite heavy army with little to non heavy support due to deepstriking most of my stuff or using stormravens and would like a model who could draw some fire off them for as long as possible.

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Klaivex Charondyr

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PostSubject: Re: Baneblade Variant or Knight Variant   Fri Oct 02 2015, 09:26

The Knight for multiple reasons.
It stands more out than the Banblade (which is all in all just another, bigger tank)
It is more mobile and thus draws more fire
It is better in surviving (thanks due to the ion shield)
It has a melee option and can stomp

All in all the Knight is pretty good while the baneblade is sady overpriced and easy to ignore.
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Baneblade Variant or Knight Variant
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