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 1850 Eldar/Dark Eldar

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PostSubject: 1850 Eldar/Dark Eldar   1850 Eldar/Dark Eldar I_icon_minitimeFri Sep 11 2015, 18:27

I plan on taking this list to a tournament this weekend.

Eldar CAD
Autarch w/ fusion gun

2x3 wind riders bikes W/ shuriken cannons.

2x1 Hornets w/ pulse lasers.

WraithWraithknight w/ D cannons, 2 scatter lasers

Dark Eldar CAD
Archon w/ portal, blaster.

3 Mandrakes (my babies)

2x5 kabalites
2x1 Venoms w/ extra cannon.

Raider w/ disintegrator
2x1 Razorwing fighter w/ dark lances, Splinter cannon.

Aspect host formation
5 fire dragons. Includes Exarch.

7 warp spiders. Includes Exarch.

4 dark reapers including starshot missiles and Exarch

I haven't gotten to play with dark reapers before so am excited to give them a try. After playing against a ravenwing detachment with 2+ reroll jinks I figured some reapers might be very helpful.

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1850 Eldar/Dark Eldar
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