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 1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands

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PostSubject: 1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands   1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 07 2015, 17:04

Ok guys, i return with the battle report in which i struggle with the leader of our house tournament.
The mission was "round defense" from the mission book of the late fifth edition.
The SM have to defend the center of the table, and deploy in a radius of 12" from it. I can deploy wherever i want up as far from 18" of the radius.
I have to put in reserve HQ and heavy support, and the SM choose to reserve nothing.

The table has in the middle a small ruin which was fortified (3+ cover save) and very near (circa 6") two big rock and more far a lot of other things (a small creepy bridge and two bigger rock, however for the type of the mission i will not focus on them). The table however was tightly symmetrical, so the two nearest rocks are at the poles of a 12" radius (this will became important).
WINNING CONDITION: 3 points for the centre, 1 point kingslayer and 1 point first blood. So, it was possible to win if the relic at the centre was contested but also to draw.

SM list:
2 whirlwind missile launcher
2 rhinos
4 5-men tactical squads (1 melta, 1 lascannon, 2 plasma)
1 10-men squad with a lot of plasma
1 10 men squad w/ 2 flamers
1 scout squad (w/ 1 missile launcher)
1 squad of assaulter with jet packs and his warlord
1 flyer (i don't remember the name, the small jetfighter)
1 character that can repair hull points

DE list
1 raider with blasterborn, archon with blaster and emp 'nades, dark lance.
1 raider with 4 medusa and a shock prow.
1 venom with 3 incubus and a klaivex
4 venom MSU ( 4 men splinter and a blaster) w/ splinter cannon extra under the hull
2 ravagers (1 dissie and 1 DL).

He deploys everithing, except his flyer. He choose, wisely, to deploy the two whirlwind one facing the another, with their back touching the two aforementioned big rocks. The deploy near each of them 1 rhino to cover their side. This divided the 12" of his deployment zone in two halves. The marines was all deployed footslogging only on 1 of the two halves, except for the scouts deployed far (22") in the empty halves.

I concentrate my effort on the fooslogging blobs. 4 venom (1 of which the incubus's one) was deployed on this side, very near (12" to get rapid fire), also with the DL ravager (more far) and the medusa raider (exactly behind the rock on which one of the two whirlwind was posing his fatty ass). At 90° from this force, i deployed the dissie ravager and two more venom. I left the empty halves empty.

I won the initiative, and my warlord rolled for +1 to reserves. This was the most important roll.

1DE (I will narrate per turn, not per phases, to do not make a mess)
The medusa drop off, jumping the 6" ahead they needed and proceed to flame down a plasma squad. First blood to me, "now"- i think- "we could at least draw". The raider move and ram the rhino on the side of whirlwind missile launcher. Shake him, and 1 hull point. Every MSU fire, dropping another squad (plasma) to 1 men. The incubus drop down and charge his jetpack infantry, doing not so much killings but stopping them. At the end of the phase, just the knaives will be alive.
The ravager with DL shoot to the whirwind which rhino was rammed (just on the other side) doing 2 HP. The other ravagers and the venoms try to make a fire corridor between all the fooslogging SM.

His central flamer squad incinerate my medusa. All of the plasma (and melta) fires to the approachign venoms, dropping down 1 and the crew. Due to the whirlwind rules, one whirlwind cannot fire at units 12" from himself, so the not shaked WHRL shoot to the very distant DL ravager, missing him. Ho moves a lot. His assault squad kill my last incubus (the klaivex).

The RWJ enter the field, but the HQ and his blasterboat not.
With all this firepower (DL ravager and DL RWJ) i drop dead both the shaked rhino and his WHRL. All of my blaster, splinter and dissie focus on the flamer squad first and after to the central squad, the one with 0 men and a lot of plasma shooting.

His assault jetpack squad jump around and terminate a venom.
A lot of firepower is reversed another time on my venom, but they resist (1 HP each!)

At the end of the second turn it was however clear that his left flank was collapsing, with both of the tanks wrecked and the fooslogging marines under heavy fire.

The crew of the last wrecked venom exit and take shelter in a crater in the ground.
I terminate definitely all the footslogging unit except for the character that can repair hulls and his assault squad. My raider with HQ shows up and land exactly near his others veichles, doing 1 HP to the WHRL and wrecking the rhino. This boat is also very near to the centre. Not enough but near.
The RWJ goes in a zone where it is unuseful, and then i move the ram raider in an optimal position to shoot to the assault unit (which contain the warlord).
I score some wound but i didnt kill him.

The flyer enters, and wreck the RWJ. The assault squad shoot, charge and wreck the DL ravager, but doing this they gone ina very far corner. The WHRL shoot and hit a venom, wrecking it just 4" near the centre. The scout continue to ire but does nothing.

I ignore the flier and with a lot of dissie shooting destroy his warlord. Now i feel that i cant lose, because i would contest the centre very easily. I shoot a lot more, but doing nothing, except for a lucky blaster that explodes his last veichle.

His flyer left the field, hoping to return in a better position.
All of his remaining forces (1 squad with melta and the character) gathers in the centre, and shoot, destroyng one last venom.

I shoot the sh°°t out of them, killing all except the character (with one wound left).

He surrended. And then proceed to declare an historical phrases that everybody would mind when speaking about MSU: "I don't had understood which venom i had to kill this game to f°##°°g win".


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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands   1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands I_icon_minitimeWed Sep 09 2015, 18:25

Yeah! Congratulations! What's your rank in this tournament now?

But you know that you only won because your opponent let you win? Wink
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands   1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 10 2015, 09:54

I don't know if he let me win, mostly because i don't know why he would have do that (he lost in this way the lead, i am at two wins and he scores only one). Rolling Eyes

However in the first turn he was pretty sure to win, but more and more advancing in the turns i see him becoming more and more disoriented and confused about which threat take first.

I strongly believe i win because i take the first turn. If he would had take the first turn, all of his shooting would have kill the major part of my forces.
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Count Adhemar

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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands   1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands I_icon_minitimeThu Sep 10 2015, 10:03

Don't worry RCZ, CptMetal was being sarcastic. I'm sure you thoroughly earned your win.

1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands YhBv3Wk
You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me?
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PostSubject: Re: 1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands   1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands I_icon_minitime

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1500 pure DE vs 1500 Iron hands
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