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 So, where to start?

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PostSubject: So, where to start?   Mon Aug 31 2015, 18:55

So I have played on and off again since 4th Edition, never really playing extensively. As life would intercede and for some reason they would go back into storage or would sell them off. So few years ago bought some models(2010), few years later bought some more(2012) but just didn't find the game scene comfortable so back into storage they went. Well someone local was looking for models to paint to showcase his painting talent , this inspired me to go get my models out....which then I bit the bullet and bought the books. So I am learning the new system but alas have no friends to learn against so I have to do pickup games. With how the organization is now, it is going to take me a while to understand them fully so I am going to ask for help here. I am learning the rules, I would like a list I might actually have a chance with, so these are the models I have, what would you guys suggest. I do have one Harley Troup, I am also not against adding specific models if they serve a combo purpose, ie IC's. I do have both Eldar Codex's, Dark Eldar ones will be here sometime this week. I have AB, which is also a learning experience with new force charts Razz


1 Asurman
1 Auterauch
1 Farseer
4 Warlocks
4 Guardian Squads, 8 man +2 weapon + platform
9 Dire Avengers + 1 Exarch
5 Warp Spiders + 1 Exarch
7 Scouts
5 Swooping Hawks + 1 exarch
5 Scorpions + 1 exarch
4 Dark Reapers + 1 Exarch
2 War Walkers
2 Wraithlords
1 Vyper
3 Waveserpents/1 falcon (amazing what a few magnets will do over glue Razz )

Dark Eldar

1 Archon
1 Lhamaean
2 Haemonculus
9 Incubi
20 Kabalite Warriors
10 Wracks
5 Mandrakes
60 wyches (think I have been reading I should convert these to harlies Razz )
12 Reavers
15 Hellions
5 Raiders
3 Ravagers
6 Venoms
1 Razorwink Jetfighter

Thanks for input guys.
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PostSubject: Re: So, where to start?   Mon Aug 31 2015, 19:02

I recommend to take one Aspect Host formation for your list, with spiders/avengers/reapers. They will shoot with BS5 (6 for the exarchs) and get Ld9 with re-roll. Most of new CWE formations are crazy, but this one is top-tier among them.

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PostSubject: Re: So, where to start?   Mon Aug 31 2015, 21:26

Ten more Warriors to fill the six venoms with.
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PostSubject: Re: So, where to start?   Mon Aug 31 2015, 22:03

How do you like to play? Looking at that list makes me itch for a witch cult list.
But since you like to have a chance at winning, pretty much anything apart from those sixty wyches and helions is good to go.

And since you are just starting I suggest giving everything a go, see what you like and what you don't like. Peruse some threads here to get some ideas, and remember that you are not obligated to win every game.
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PostSubject: Re: So, where to start?   Wed Oct 07 2015, 14:45

Wyches are not super-powerful, and they get a really bad rap, but don't count them out completely. They have an invulnerable save when in close combat and they can be paired well with a Succubus. I find them to be extremely fun. Since you have so many of them, why not give them a shot before you shelve them?
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PostSubject: Re: So, where to start?   Wed Oct 07 2015, 20:02

You have a great start to either army. If you give us some idea of what you prefer to play we can get you a rough sketch. For example do you like assault units? How about characters? Do you prefer minimal characters and enjoy shoot and scoot? MSU or large tooled up units?
And yes I would recommend making those wyches into harlies or else counts as since they are pretty close anyway. They could also become medusas or lhamaeans for court of the archon. Only hangup on the harlies is how to include them in another list. A masque detachment comes out to just over 600 at its cheapest. Then add toys and ICs to taste.
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PostSubject: Re: So, where to start?   Wed Oct 07 2015, 20:07

If you get 10 more kabalites you could field a Kabalite Raiding Party! That's our only vanilla codex formation and if you field it right it's venomspam without troops!
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PostSubject: Re: So, where to start?   

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So, where to start?
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