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 Grey Knights vs. Eldar/Dark Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP

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Lost Vyper
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PostSubject: Grey Knights vs. Eldar/Dark Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP   Fri Aug 21 2015, 13:02

After the Tyranid fleet consumed all the biomass from the planet, the Spirit Stones revealed themselves. Soon, the scouting parties from Comorragh found out about the stones and they saw an opportunity rise. They contacted the Craftworld about the stones and offered their help. What they didn´t tell, was the fact, that the Grey Knights had started their descend to the vacant planet, to retrieve the data from the fallen Blood Angels Stormraven...

Boom! A true test to the Grey Knights this time...Lost Vyper brings on a list, inspired by Mark Amburla´s BAO -list, which got him the third place...


More slaves to the pits of Comorragh or some dead and smoldering Eldar corpses? Come and find out, 1250 points of regular mayhem and malice, brought to you by the Reseda Prime Crew!

- Lost Vyper
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Grey Knights vs. Eldar/Dark Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP
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