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 Autarch with wyches

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PostSubject: Autarch with wyches   Mon Aug 03 2015, 18:16

8 wyches, 1 hekatrix with haywire nades and agoniser plus Autarch with banshee mask and shard of anaris. All in a raider. Comes out to exactly 300pts. Has anyone done this? Is it worth it? Saving wyches from overwatch is huge. Just not sure if its worth the 115pt Autarch tax. Although the Autarch does have a few other nice perks the boost the army as a whole
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PostSubject: Re: Autarch with wyches   Mon Aug 03 2015, 19:38

That's a lot of points to save 1 unit of average CC troops from overwatch. You'd be better served putting the Autarch with Incubi or if you're set on Wyches at least upgrade them to Bloodbrides for extra attacks. But you might be better served with 3 MSU Wyches with no upgrades in Venoms for around the same points. Play to outmanoeuvre with them rather than charging into mass overwatch fire.

Or just take Kabalites instead. If you're spending 300 pts for one unit in a DE army you can buy better performing units as well as tactically superior units. Charging a squad of Wyches (even buffed) at anything should not be a key (or even a standard) part of your strategy. Wyches are best used to just tie up units or as a "nothing to lose" "lets just see what happens" unit. If you're building your list around the Wyches you've probably already lost!

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PostSubject: Re: Autarch with wyches   Mon Aug 03 2015, 23:28

The prevention of Overwatch is indeed huge, but it's better served on other units. Reavers, Incubi, and Grotesques get more juice from that than the Wyches do.
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PostSubject: Re: Autarch with wyches   

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Autarch with wyches
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