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 Space Wolves vs. Tyranids 1500p HD Video BATREP

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Lost Vyper
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Lost Vyper

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PostSubject: Space Wolves vs. Tyranids 1500p HD Video BATREP   Wed Jul 29 2015, 18:47

First time ever in this channel, Space Wolves are going against the Hive fleet Kharadon!

After the Blood Angels signals went dead, the Space Wolves chapter close by was send to investigate the incident. What they found, was a destroyed force of the Blood Angels and the first wave of the Hive fleet Kharadon´s force pushing through this once green forrest world...

A tight game, few unbeliveable good and bad rolls, but a whole lotta carnage!


- Lost Vyper
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Space Wolves vs. Tyranids 1500p HD Video BATREP
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