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 Your ideal raiding party

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PostSubject: Your ideal raiding party   Mon Jul 13 2015, 16:19

If we assume (ha) that all units in our codex were to be nicely balanced, both internally and externally, and each performed their intended role (as per the fluff) adequately for an appropriate points cost, what would your ideal Dark Eldar raiding party look like?

I don't want to get into wish-listing because there are plenty of threads already open for that kind of discussion. I'm more interested to see what your favourite units are, and how you'd put them together into a roughly all-comers balanced list if we didn't have to worry about whether or not it is maxed-out competitive.

Mine would look something like this for ~ 1,000 - 1,200 pts:

- Shadowfield
- AP2 ccw
- Something fun like Soul Trap or Drugs

- Decent ccw (Agoniser or Glaive are both fine)
- Some fun Wych wargear

Incubi x 5
- Dark Lance
(forms unit with Archon)

Kabalites x10
- Sybarite, with something that makes him not useless (I like the idea that each squad should have a leader of some kind).
- Dark Lance
- Racks

Wyches x9
- Hekatrix with Agoniser
- Dark Lance
(Forms unit with Succubus)

- Anti-tank role, ideally with move-and-shoot Dark Lances (sooo pretty!).
- Solarite, with something worthwhile. I just don't like that plain extra wound guy in our current 5 man squads.

- Dark Lance x3

- Dark Lance x3

So basically:
* Quick and killy cc guys for anti-infantry.
* Wyches that do stuff.
* Raiders full of kabalites (quite possibly THE iconic Dark Eldar look).
* Pretty Lance Scourges.
* Fast, killy, specialised and fragile.

I'm not fussed by Coven stuff, and Kabals and Wych Cults are 'separate' enough to warrant them each following their own respective HQ into a raid. I'm sure an Archon is more than capable of hiring the Wyches on their own, but I prefer the idea that he makes a deal with a Succubus and convinces her to bring her girls on a raid. Almost like a mini allied detachment.

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PostSubject: Re: Your ideal raiding party   Mon Jul 13 2015, 17:20

Mine would look almost identical. The only thing I would swap would be reavers for scourges. Wyches and ncubi have always been my favorite units/models, especially fluff wise
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PostSubject: Re: Your ideal raiding party   Thu Jul 16 2015, 15:53

Real Space Raiders Detachment
Archon as a close combat monster with shadow field (preferably with a power mace)
Incubi x 3 + Klaivex as the Archon's guards
Venom transport with double SC

Haemonoculus with his trusty sniper rifle
x9 unit of grotesques in a raider with the haemy (include an ossefactor)

x2 raiders with mandatory 10 man kabalite squads out to assault infantry
x1 raider with maxed out wych unit out to mulch some faces

x1 Trueborn in venom out for MC and tank hunting

x2 Ravagers kitted out for AT

x1 Maximum hellion squad with the helliarch included in each (with old kidnap claws) being the anvil for the reavers

a 5 scourge squad with em haywires for pussies who think av14 is going to save their ass

a 6 man reaver squad for flying around being the hammer for the hellions

2 Random empty venoms for another 24 cheap poison shots

Basically I want the hellions to be kidnapping their general (even better if the dude is on a jetbike, just think of the hellions stealing the bike too) and isolating her/him/it for some delicious
anal inspection with a power mace. Everything in the army will be focused on getting right in front of the enemy and laughing as the transports dodge incoming shots. Meanwhile the residential haemonoculus will be teaching his wracks glasscraft 101 and assefacting 102
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PostSubject: Re: Your ideal raiding party   Thu Jul 16 2015, 16:01

You can't put ten or nine grotesques in a Raider. They are Bulky
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PostSubject: Re: Your ideal raiding party   

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Your ideal raiding party
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