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 Necron Royal Court

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PostSubject: Necron Royal Court   Thu Jul 09 2015, 13:15

The Necron Royal Court.
Apparently this formation gives the models in it Relentless. But why? What exactly is the point?
None of the units that can be part of this Formation can even have any Rapid, Salvo, Heavy or Ordnance weapons. There is no reason for Relentless.
THe only possible thing I can think of is to let one of them use an Emplaced Weapon (Quad-Gun, etc) and then charge in thre assault phase.
THere is no other reason I can think of.

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Count Adhemar
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Count Adhemar

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PostSubject: Re: Necron Royal Court   Thu Jul 09 2015, 13:19

Absolutely no idea. It just seems completely pointless.


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The PayneTrayn
The PayneTrayn

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PostSubject: Re: Necron Royal Court   Thu Jul 09 2015, 15:37

All the new formations have move through cover and relentless, I believe. It may be a copy-paste they missed during proof-reading...assuming they did any.
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PostSubject: Re: Necron Royal Court   Thu Jul 09 2015, 21:52

Maybe Relentless changes in 8th edition o_O

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PostSubject: Re: Necron Royal Court   Sun Jul 12 2015, 13:22

Maybe its because the court is set on "Forward" Mode which causes them to carry off heavy weapon emplacements and walk/run/teleport towards fleshies in front of them.
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PostSubject: Re: Necron Royal Court   Sun Jul 19 2015, 19:34

It's mostly for consistency and fluff I believe. If I remember correctly, the only heavy weapons on infantry are on wraith for their exile ray. Other than that, all heavy weapons are either mounted on vehicles, bikes, or jet pack troops, so they are relentless anyways.

The entire army is viewed as slowly and RELENTLESSLY marching forward. That's pretty awesome to put that as a special rule.
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PostSubject: Re: Necron Royal Court   

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Necron Royal Court
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