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 4 Bloodthirsters vs Highlander DE

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PostSubject: 4 Bloodthirsters vs Highlander DE   Wed Jun 17 2015, 14:39

My friend K (let's call him Khorne) bought 8 of the new Bloodthirsters.  Some say he has a problem.  Others say "SKUUUULLS!!!"  He has 4 assembled and wants to rock 'n roll.

I pare down my 1500 list to 1100 and is as follows:

Dark Artisan
Spirit Probe, Ichor Injector
Archon, Blaster - Warlord -
5 Warriors in Venom
5 Wyches
5 Trueborn, 4 Blasters, 1 Lance
4 Grotesques
6 Reavers, 2 Caltrops

Unfettered Fury (straight chump)
2x Insensate Rage (#thirsts4ds)
Wrath of Khorne (POWER LEVEL OVER 9000!)

One mid-sized ruin in each quarter plus one large ruin in the middle and a smattering of craters.
Relic, Hammer and Anvil.  
I wet myself.

I win the deployment roll and have the Infiltrate warlord trait.  I stop wetting myself but am not quite dry.

I put the Archon and Trueborn atop the right ruin with the Venom underneath them and the Wyches back towards my table edge, doing what Wyches do.

Khorne puts an Insensate on each side, the Unfetterd on my right and the Wrath on my left.

In an unheralded stroke of genius I infiltrate the DA onto the Relic (which is in the middle of the big center ruin), the Reavers and Grots w/ Succ just behind that.

Turn one:
He fails to seize (despite his yelling.)  
The DA pick up the relic.  The Venom, Talos and Trueborn put two wounds on right Fury. I wait to counter charge with the Grots and Reavers.

Khorne runs forward.  R Insensate charges the Venom and Ds it.  3 Warriors killed and flee.

Turn two:
Warriors continue to flee.  Trueborn put another wound on the Fury.  DA hang in Ruins to strike first in the subsequent charge.  Reavers dish out a wound to L Insensate though shooting and the Talos brings down the Fury!
Hopped up on goofballs, the Grots hurl themselves headlong at the L Insensate while the Succ curses the Archon for getting her into this mess and follows reluctantly.  Unfortunately my Grots frequently skip leg day and have trouble leaping a small barricade, failing a 3 inch charge.  The Reavers dive through the air down at the L Insensate and aim their bladevanes at his stupid pig face.
Alright go-go gadget Caltrops! 2D6 Hammer of Wrath!  I roll a 2 and a 1!  Great success!  Despite their tomfoolery the jetbikes still manage to kill the L Insensate with the rest of their HoW!  I consolidate in front of the large ruin to screen the DA.
R Insensate charges the Trueborn.  I didn’t know that Str3 could wound T6 so after only losing 3 Trueborn I order a tactical withdrawal.  Unfortunately the Thirster catches us and consolidates within the R ruin.
Wrath of KoRn charges the jetbikes, loses a wound to overwatch and then slays 3 (+1 Toughness and bad rolling for him.)  I pass Lrd and Hit & Run out.

Turn three:
Warriors get their crap together and, along with the Wyches, gawk at the carnage in front of them.
DA and Reavers shoot the Wrath (I think Khorne named him “Road Dog Jessie James” or something) and deal a wound.  Reavers charge the Wrath, dealing another wound (I roll 3 again for Caltrops – Sad Panda - ) but get axed in the process.   I position the Grots, the brave, brave, White Men Can’t Jump Grots in position to screen the DA from the remaining Insensate.

Wrath charges the DA.  So right now I’m super excited for Ichor Injector but I need 5s to hit and the Talos whiffs, making me regret not springing for that extra WD40.  Heamunculous bravely accepts a challenge and as a true Epicurean finds out how it feels to die by Colossal D.  The

Cronos manages to do a wound before biting the dust as well.
Insensate charges Grots who bring it down to 1 wound before essplodin.

Turn four:
Warriors and Wyches finish off the Insensate with shooting (praise Shaimesh!)
Wrath kills Talos with one wound remaining and consolidates overtop of the Relic (which we decide is a communion wafer.)

Turn five:
With 7 T3 models on the table lined up against Khorne’s mightiest, my DE spread out to potentially get turn 6 shooting and put 4 wounds on the Thirster.  Khorne rolls a one and a two ending the game!  I literally jump for joy!  

Postgame breakdown:
It was one of the most fun games I’ve played and also the most nervous.  I thought the Grots failing their first charge was going to lose me the game but Khorne being unable to get an Insensate into my DA and D it out was probably more important.  I also am somewhat glad that I didn’t know Str3 could wound T6 or else I may have done something stupid like charge my Wyches in.
The Wrath of Khorne was definitely the most scary with its 6 I9 WS10 attacks while the Unfettered, despite its imposing appearance and name wasn’t that bad.

I never got to do anything with Lethal Dose which was a bummer.

I didn’t know Thirsters got an extra Blood Tithe for winning challenges so in the future I won’t throw away characters even if I don’t care about them.

My opponent should have kept Feel No Pain up with his Tithe but he instead kept going for the +1 Attack.  The Thirsters have brutal offense already so to me the added defense would help them more.

Once I get enough points in DE I’m sure we’ll have a 2000 point all-Thirster rematch Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: 4 Bloodthirsters vs Highlander DE   Wed Jun 17 2015, 17:40

Hilarious. Sounds like a lot of fun! Gutted you lost the venom so early. We like to make much of how good we are at killing monsters, but something scary like a bunch of bloodthirsters is still pretty terrifying.

Dark Angels. The Rock. Lion El "Dwayne" Jonson. I can't be the first person to have thought of this.
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PostSubject: Re: 4 Bloodthirsters vs Highlander DE   Wed Jun 17 2015, 22:31

One of the best Bat Reps I've ever read. Keep 'em coming!

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PostSubject: Re: 4 Bloodthirsters vs Highlander DE   Thu Jun 18 2015, 17:58

Glad you enjoyed it. It was a blast to play and write about. When I play another game that interesting I'll post it up.
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PostSubject: Re: 4 Bloodthirsters vs Highlander DE   

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4 Bloodthirsters vs Highlander DE
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