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 Dark eldar vs Red scorpions

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PostSubject: Dark eldar vs Red scorpions    2015-06-10, 04:44

I have a match vs a highly experienced player who is running red scorpions. I'm going to give you guys a breakdown of both of our lists and keep in mind that the lists under no circumstance can change. They are already submitted and set in stone, but I'm allowed access to his list and vice versa.

My goal here is to get your guys best opinion on how to handle what is about to happen with what I have. In reality I feel fairly confident based on the lists... But I don't want to go into this match over enthusiastic. A lot weighs on this match.

Red scorpions list:

Magister sevrin loth

X5 legion of the damned (multi melta & melta)
X5 legion of the damned (same as before)

4 x10 man tactical squads ( combi weapon in each )

x3 grav centurions
x4 drop pods

Allied detach:
Rune priest
x5 blood claws

Inquisitor Coteaz

Isstan v dropod

I'm assuming coteaz is going to be accompanying the centurions

My dark eldar list:

Succubus ( archite glaive, armor of misery, hayw gren)

x5 trueborn (4 blasters) - in venom
x5 trueborn (4 blasters) - in venom
x5 trueborn (4 blasters) - in venom

x5 warriors (1 blaster) - in venom
x5 warriors (1 blaster) - in venom

x6 reavers (2 caltrops, 2 blasters)
x1 ravager (3 dark lances)
x2 razorwing ( 2 dark lances )

Coven formation


x3 grotesques (w/ haemonculus) - in a raider w/ dark lance
X3 grotesques (w/ succubus) - in a raider w/ dark lance

The guy basically has little to deal with my air superiority, or match my mobility.... But I'm still very nervous about this fight.

How should I go about this match? Your advice is appreciated.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark eldar vs Red scorpions    2015-06-10, 06:58

I'd start the Grotesquerie on the table turn 1 and reserve everything else. (Spitballing; first impression.) There's really no earthly way he can kill it all before your own forces arrive from reserve, plus it draws his units close enough to your grotesquerie for them to assault, which is what they want anyway.

Counter-reserving is one of the more effective anti-deep strike strategies.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark eldar vs Red scorpions    2015-06-10, 13:29

Heavy guns in the tactical squads? I would put everything in the table, so you're able to shoot him as long as possible. Assuming he wants to crush you in close combat. What mission are you playing anyway?
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PostSubject: Re: Dark eldar vs Red scorpions    2015-06-10, 14:25

Depends on warlord trait. What table are you going on? If you get the infiltrate one, 3 on strategic, you can kill quote a lot depending on his deployment
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PostSubject: Re: Dark eldar vs Red scorpions    2015-06-10, 14:47

Judging by his army, everything must be reserved so he's going for an alpha strike. With your list, this give you 2 options.

Option 1 : Heavy reserve
As Jimsolo suggested, deploy only your Grots and pray they survive.
I dislike this option for 2 reasons. In your list, Grots are mean to do a good part of the heavy lifting. Even if they survive, they will be footslogging and a smart opponent is going to make sure they can't charge anything on your turn. Moreover, you don't have any mean to manipulate your reserve rolls so you will be very vulnerable if most of your reserve doesn't arrive on turn 2. I would strongly advise against this.

Option 2 : Castle
Deploy in a corner with no room for the pods to arrive between your units. Deploy outside your transports with Venoms and Reavers on the perimeter to protect your grots and your ravager as much as possible. He will be forced to drop outside your castle and if he wants to shoot at the fartest (and most valuable units) he's going to have to put himself into charging range. In this scenario you could also consider reserving your Grotesquerie to make sure it survive.

With your list, this is IMO, your best bet. If you can limit the effect of his alphastrike, you will be able to use the full power of your lance to drop his heavy hitters.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark eldar vs Red scorpions    2015-06-25, 20:36

Match went well. I beat him 18-8. I decided to castle up, take his first wave of fire, and retaliate my next turn. it worked out well. I basically ignored his deathstar and killed everything else. I had most of my vehicles still, and just controlled objectives.
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Dark eldar vs Red scorpions
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