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 Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves - 2000 points

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PostSubject: Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves - 2000 points   Mon Jun 08 2015, 17:06

Dark Eldar:

Dark Artisan:
Haemie with Scissorhand, Nightmare Doll, and Panacea (WL)
Talos with Heat Lance and Chain Flail
Cronos with Spirit Probe

Corpsethief Claw:
5 x Talos with Heat Lances and Chan Flails


3 x Medusae with Venom
4 x 5 Warriors in Venoms
3 x DL Ravagers

Space Wolves:



Murderfang in Drop Pod

10 x Grey Hunters in Drop Pod with Flamer

10 x Grey Hunters in Drop Pod with Flamer

10 x Blood Claws in Rhino with Flamer

10 x Blood Claws in Rhino with Flamer

2 x Land Speeders with Heavy Flamers and Heavy Bolters

Predator with Auto Cannon and Heavy Bolters

2 x 5 Fenrisian Wolves

4 x Thunderwolf Cavalry with TH/SS

5 x Terminators with TH/SS

Hammer and Anvil Deployment

Mission:  The Relic

I win the roll  off and choose to deploy first and go first.  He fails to seize.  I reserve all of my Venoms and deploy the Ravagers, CtC, and DA.

Pre-game Thoughts:   Both my opponent and myself were very nervous about playing the Relic as neither one of us has much experience with it.  Usually, if we end up rolling it, we decide to re-roll, but today we decided to play it out just to see how it went.  With my CtC Scout move I was pretty sure I could get to the Relic first and once the CtC had it, I liked my odds of keeping it, since none of his shooting scared me and the only CC threats I was worried about were the TWC and Murderfang.  My opponent’s plan coming into this game was to drop his pods on objectives in my deployment zone and make me deal with them while the rest of his units closed in.  The Relic negated his whole strategy as he now has to decide whether to drop his pods near the Relic or still put them in my deployment zone to harass me,

Turn One: I Scout up the CtC and then move up another six inches, spreading out so that the rear T alos is within six inches of the Cronos in the DA.   I am still a few inches away from the relic.  The Space Wolves bring Murderfang and  one squad of Grey Hunters down in my deployment zone.  One Rhino full of Blood Claws moves and goes flat out to get within several inches of the Relic.  His TWC also moves up.  Shooting sees one Talos take a wound and two hull points taken off of one Ravager, as I elected not to Jink.  

Turn Two:  All of my reserves except for one Venom with Warriors come in.  The CtC moves up to claim the Relic.  Shooting from the Ravagers and the DA Talos sees Murderfang lose two hull points (but can still charge this turn…uh oh).  Between the Venom fire and the Medusae, the Grey Hunters who drop podded in are whittled down to one man.  The CtC explodes a Rhino carrying Blood Claws which moved up near the objective last turn, securing me First Blood.  During the Space Wolves turn, the final Drop Pod and the two Land Speeders arrive.  One Land Speeder fails a Dangerous Terrain test and loses a hull point.  TWC advances up toward the CtC, the  HQTerminator squqd with Najal and Arjac Outflank onto the left side of the board, and Murderfang advances toward the DA.  Shooting is largely ineffectual.  In the assault phase, Murderfang charges the DA…and is brought down by overwatch from the Talos twin-linked Heat Lance!  Huzzah!  The TWC make a long charge into the Talos, believing that their precious Storm Shields will keep them safe long enough to swing their Thunderhammers.  The Talos kill two of them before they get a chance to swing.  In return, one Talos takes a wound and is Concussed.  The TWC fail their leadership check and fall back seven inches.

Turn Three:  CtC move away from the HQ Terminator squad which just arrived from Outflank and carries the Relic straight towards a squad of Fenrisian Wolves.  My final Venom arrives from Reserves and I flat out up the table with an eye towards getting it in place to Secure Line Breaker.  Shooting sees the final Grey Hunter in my deployment zone brought down by the Medusae.  The Ravagers destroy the two Land Speeders.  The Venoms and and the Warriors fire at the HQ Terminator unit with Najal and Arjac and kill two Terminators.  The DA flames and shoots the squad of Grey Hunters that came in on Turn Two, reducing them from ten to four.  In assault, the CtC charge the doomed Fenrisian Wolves and slaughter them, as expected.  The DA charges into the four remaining Grey Hunters and finishes them off.  In the Space Wolves turn, the remnants of the TWC move toward the CtC, hoping to hold them up long enough for the HQ Terminator squad to reinforce them.  Shooting sees a squad of Blood Claws destroy one Venom.  The HQ Terminator squad assaults and easily explodes a Ravager.  Having forgotten the beating they already took from the CtC, the remaining two TWC charge the CtC (again) and are promptly murdered for their efforts.  

Note:  This was essentially the end of the game.  We played on until Turn Five, but it was basically just a mopping up action after the TWC were dead.  The CtC would go on to kill another unit of Blood Claws and shooting saw the HQ Terminator squad whittled down to just Najal, Arjac, and one Terminator.   For the whole game, the CtC took two wounds and the DA took one wound to the Talos with his entire army shooting everything they had at it for three turns.  Final score was 7-1 for the Dark Eldar.  

Post-game Thoughts:  Once again, the CtC proved to be nigh unstoppable, weathering both shooting and assault with hardly a scratch.  Although the DA didn't do much aside from taking the last hull point from Murderfang, the buffs they give to the CtC make them the secret all-stars.  Aside from the shooting it shrugged off, the CtC took ten Thunderhammer attacks and, thanks to the Cronos and Haemie WL trait, it only suffered one wound.   Plus the DA is a considerable CC threat in its own right, as when the game ended, they were on their way to killing the HQ Terminator squad, which is what ultimately forced my opponent to concede.  It seems like the CtC was custom-made for Relic missions, as once they have it, it is going to be extremely difficult for the opponent to win it back unless they kill the whole unit.  I liked the HL on the Talos much better than the HWB, as it offered much more versatility and helped them whittle down squads before they charged in, to ensure they could kill most things in one round of combat.  

Thanks for reading!
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves - 2000 points   Tue Jun 09 2015, 13:17

Good game! I like seeing the CTC do some damage, it is hard to kill, even more so with the DA cronos right behind to confer 4± FNP. I like it! Keep up the murdering! Lol
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves - 2000 points   Sat Jun 13 2015, 09:18

Thanks for reading! Glad you liked it. The combination of the CtC and the DA is one that is extremely resilient. It can literally take an entire army's shooting for the whole game without losing much of its combat effectiveness if you position it right and make good use of cover and LOS blocking terrain.
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves - 2000 points   Mon Jun 15 2015, 08:28

Good read! I'm all about the MCs at the moment. Now on to the rematch!

"I'm alive from this pain!"
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PostSubject: Re: Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves - 2000 points   

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Dark Eldar vs Space Wolves - 2000 points
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