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 The Monthly Vow - June 2015

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PostSubject: Re: The Monthly Vow - June 2015   Thu Jul 02 2015, 11:42

I would like to do things to that Haemonculus... questionable things... -grabs scalpel-
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PostSubject: Re: The Monthly Vow - June 2015   Fri Jul 03 2015, 19:53

Vasara's path to ETC:
Assemble 6 scatter ejb and paint them. (Edit 4th of July: bikers assembled)
Assemble at least one Talos and paint it
Rebase both farseer skyrunners.
Paint 7 warp spiders.
Squad markings for all 18 scatterbikes.
Finnishing touch for my Hemlock wraithfighter.

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Painting blog

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PostSubject: Re: The Monthly Vow - June 2015   Mon Jul 13 2015, 02:47

I actually finished my vow last month, and got my Succubus and two Scourge squads done to be table-top ready.  Here, finally, are a few pics.

The Succubus is the current model, with the Glaive changed to her right hand and a blast pistol added.

The Scourges need a couple of minor touch ups to finish them completely.  And I will have to re-do the olive green suits on some of them, as the newer wash I used on them changed them to a brighter green than the others.  Still not sure how that managed to happen.  Evil or Very Mad

C&C welcome. Cheers.
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PostSubject: Re: The Monthly Vow - June 2015   

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The Monthly Vow - June 2015
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