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 Turn 4 assaults and Haywire grenades Vs. armor

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PostSubject: Turn 4 assaults and Haywire grenades Vs. armor   2015-05-30, 04:51

My last game involved 2 turns of breaking LoS almost completely and then flat out moving 3 raiders (10 wytches w/ hekatrix w/ haywire grenades, and 20 stock raiders) in to support my 5 man squad of DSing HWB scourges and a Blasterborn venom( both of which caused 1 hp each to a single russ). At the start of turn 4 I had my  wytches and 20 kabalites within assault range of a 2 russ squadron and of a 3 russ Cmd squadron. In the assault phase of my 4th turn, 4 of the 5 russes had been destroyed. The Haywire grenades on the hekatrix did 2 hp's worth of damage and the 27 s4 attacks did 4 hp, killing both tanks in the squadron. Turn 5 had the wytches charging KC pask and his two other squadron mates. Again the HWG's caused 2 hp's and the 27 attacks caused 4 hp's, killing pask and another tank. In the same turn each of the 10 man kabalites charged a different chimera and destroyed them. This was by far the most successful game I have ever played against IG armored.


Archon with Blaster and webway portal 115pts

Kabalite warriors X 10 80pts Raider with Dark lance 60pts

Kabalite warriors X 10 80pts Raider with Dark lance 60pts

Kabalite warriors X 5 40pts Venom 55pts

Wytches X 10 W/ Hekatrix W/ Haywire grenades 115pts
Raider with advanced Aethersails and Nightshields 60pts

Kabalite Trueborn X 9 with 4 blasters 169pts Raider with Night shields 70pts

Trueborn X 5 with 4 Blasters 115pts in Venom 55pts

Scourges X 5 with 4 Haywire blasters 120pts

Points: 1188
Shooting for 1250

This is my current list, in which I removed the splinter racks and additional splinter cannons off of the two venoms to allow for either blasters, or Sybarites/Dracons with HWG's on the kabalite/trueborn squads. The reason for reducing the poison is that I rarely go up against massed infantry, and squadrons of russes and chimeras are my main concern.  Points wise I can take 4 blasters, Syb/Drac with HWGs, or a combination of both.

I'm leaning towards adding the HWG's to the two, 10 man kabalite squads as well as to the 9 Trueborn (changing one to the Drac, not adding), and adding a blaster to the 5 kabalite venom for versitility.
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PostSubject: Re: Turn 4 assaults and Haywire grenades Vs. armor   2015-06-02, 00:13

Leman Russ has 11 AV on rear, so S4 is no good against it...
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PostSubject: Re: Turn 4 assaults and Haywire grenades Vs. armor   2015-06-02, 11:19

Some of them, not all.

Demolishers, punishers and executioners have AV11, the rest has rear AV10.

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Turn 4 assaults and Haywire grenades Vs. armor
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