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 1850 pts DE agains SM

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PostSubject: 1850 pts DE agains SM   Wed May 27 2015, 20:13

Last Saturday I played a fun game with a friend: Urien Rakarth (ok an actual friend) against the Khaaaaaan. The first one for a while so forgive us our mistakes Smile (some are mentioned in the text to not give you wrong ideas).

My friend brought the Khan (a model to which I attached a biker mustache made from an old brush that makes him look like a villain from an spaghetti-western. His name is now Carlos Khan).

Carlos was accompanied by Command-Bikers with Grav.
Else there were 60 marines in 6 Rhinos with a lot of Laser/Multimelter/Plasma fun.
For taste he added a Dakkabot, a Thunderfire (Techmarine as Warlord) and an Inquisitor with skulls.

I brought:

Urien Rakarth, goes with Grots

10 Warriors with Sybarith, Haywire, in Raider with Racks and Dark Lance times two (green and white Raider)
8 Wyches including Hekatrix (Warlord, WS+1) with Haywire and Agoniser in Raider (red one)
3 Reavers with CC
1 Ravager with triple Lance

4 Grots in Raider (green, wysiwyg) with Dissies, times two, buff was fleet
Urien was in the Raider that had not lost its gun
Heamonculus with Sydric's Sump for fleet, goes with Wyches

Dark Artisan, TL Liquifier on the Talos, Spirit Probe on the Cronos, WWP on the Haemy

Spritseer, goes with Wyches
3 Scatterbikes

Combat drugs were +1 S (amazing)
The wizard got: shrouded or take away shrouded and stealth,
fearless or -3 to morale and
+1/-1 S - all for one warp charge.

The Techmarine got free pinning tests on my bikes but they passed.

We set up with the table of which I made you a map. Green and brown are are 5+ terrain, blue spots are ruins. The red numbers are markers, obviously Wink


No nightfight.

Turn 1

I got first turn and deployed very aggressive. From left to right: green Gunboat, white Gunboat, Grots with Urien, Reaver (to cover the Ravager), Windrider,  Grots alone, Wyches. Only the DA was reserved.


White Scars deployed behind the pyramid with twenty men in Rhinos, the Thunderfire with Inquisitor behind a ruin in the back besides marker three and one group with Lascannon and the Dakkabot behind another bolstered ruin with marker five. All the rest were outflanking in Rhinos and Grav-bikes.


I moved the Ravager on marker one, the rest shuffled so that the lances would maximize on the Rhinos and at least one Gunboat could put out 10 shots without snap shooting. The Reavers again were mobile cover for the Wyches, later improved by the Spiritseer to a 3+/2+ with jink. Sadly, Windriders and Ravager did not do much and also the last lance of the Wych-Raider, instead pushing to the Thunderfire, rather shot and missed. One Rhino got stunned though and one combat squad had to snap-shoot. So no open Rhino, no first blood. The Windriders then used their assault-move to be exactly two inches apart from each other.


The Marines in return did not do much as well. They made a few Raiders jink and did not even try to shoot at the Wych's transport. But the Thunderfire missed lucky and hit two jetbikes at once with the first template, annihilating them with 12+ wounds overall for first blood. Also, I missed to put my Raiders close enough to any marker, so my opponent scored the “always one more than you” objective for d3 maybe?

Turn 2

My Dark Artisans did not show up yet which made me happy. I anticipated the outflanking units and managed to get everything except one gunboat on one side, the Ravager behind the LOS blocking ruin in my deployment zone. Urien and friends disembarked, the Reavers came closer and I made up a plan to open the Rhinos for sure this turn.

Urien is the dude with the flag, by the way.

The Wizard cast shrouded again on the Warlord-Raider. Shooting saw one Rhino being opened, but the rest (incl. Gunboat) did not do much damage. The Reavers did not shoot at disembarking Marines, but instead blocked the doors of the other Rhino so that at least four Marines got squeezed when the Grots did their thing.


Space Marines:

The outflankers all arrived, but only half of them on the side my opponent wished them to be (odds would be one third).


All the Multimelter and stuff did not do much damage (but about three weapons from Raiders were knocked down in the game). One Marine squad from the one not-smashed-but-shot-Rhino charged the Wyches Raider and failed to do any damage.
Freakish spectacle is great as the second squad was pinned on a eight! The Thunderfire killed one Grot and put two wounds on another (which later removed one with IWND). Carlos Khan and posse waited for my monsters to arrive.

Turn 3

I saw two options for my Dark Artisan which arrived that turn.
a) try to kill the Thunderfire with fire. Those little bastards were set up in a way that they could not be charged. We simply did not find a clear solution in the rules … (also, this was stupid if it had legally worked and if not, see beyond)
b) go after the Khan. But I had drawn the Warlord-Kill objective …

Wherever the Pain Engines would go, the Reavers would support and enjoy a 3+/4+ with T4!
I decided to go after the warlord kill. Not the best decision, with S3 flamers against a T 7 unit? Only after the game I realized that this is impossible. Let's say we agreed on house-rules this time. Sigh. I did two wounds on the Inquisitor and could not charge.

The Wyches disembarked and killed the five Marines that tried to down their Raider.
Their Raider with the sorcerer on board came over to the Thunderfire to steal objective three and cast shrouded on the monster in ruins. The second unit of Grots disembarked to do their surrounding thing again, killing half the Marines in the Rhino as they could not be placed.

A common sight :

An empty Dissie-Raider put three wounds on the red Marine on the pyramid who made all three cover-saves! Urien's Grots killed off the once pinned squad that could not get away.

White Scars:

The disembarked Marines on markers shook off any poison and the Dakkabot exploded the red Raider. The wizard saved his wound from the explosion. The Ravager jinked all Plasma and Plasma-Marines can't charge Smile. The green gunboat near Urien was shot down. The passengers went to ground to save all but three against the once again hard hitting Thunderfire and went up right next turn with a little help from Urien's bubble!
Carlos Khan saw his chance to kill Urien in person instead of shooting/charging monster in 2+ cover with his Grav-bikes. The Marines did win this combat by far, even Urien took a wound now after tanking so many shots before. But his friends were fearless...

Turn 3 SM:

Turn 4

The turn where I could not achieve any of my two “kill something in the assault phase and it better be a character” objectives. Also, I drew too many cards and let my opponent discard two, one of which was the warlord-kill. The jinked Ravager hid behind his ruin and still, together with the white gunboat, put two hullpoints on the Rhino near marker one. The Grots nearby embarked a lance-less Raider to take care about marker one next turn  -

This pic still shows us wyches!:

-while the Wyches should take care of the five disembarked marines, but one was left over and still fought back! Then he decided to rather piss off and did just that to me. White Scars! No consolidation move – that was critical right there. Or so we thought. After the game we realized that units that were left alone by their playmates indeed get a consolidation move of D6. One Raider went to steal marker three again. The Wizard got LOS to Urien and gave his team +1 S to re-roll poison-wounds against T5 and maybe kill the Khan. Also, the DA got shrouded on one die. The Reaver joined the melee against the Khan and killed the Apo with HoW and one other bike due to being S5 on the charge. The Khan and one bike fell back and nearly off the table. I moved my DA towards the Dakkabot but still shot at the Thunderfire and put a wound on the closest model – the cannon. Super stupid move. The jetbikes did not consolidate enough to profit from the Cronos this time. Super-stupid-move.

Space Marines:

The Dakkabot killed the Raider which stole marker three again -again. The Thunderfire killed all but two Wyches, including my warlord and haemy as they were clumped together. Also the Marines scored a lot of marker-objectives and as we counted, we were on a draw as I could not get many points this turn. Also I think by now the white gunboat was shot down and the Warriors were killed in close combat. Before that, their Raider jinked a ton of shots and only was downed by literally the very last shot. The Khan went around to kill my Reavers and deny me some late game point grabber.

Turn 5

I finally came up with a plan to stop the Thunderfire: I cast -3 Ld on the unit and hoped to get at least the Inquisitor removed to cause a moral check. Therefore I moved the DA back again so that the he would be closest to the Talos at least. I rolled AP1 and on the reroll of the two hits of the Talo's Liquifier I rolled double-six and smoked the Techmarine anyway - Warlord-Kill, finally! Again S3 can't hurt T6 as far as I know now ....
The Ravager, at full BS again, killed a single Marine to kill sth. in the shooting phase (not the red one with Grav, but one with a Bolter. Because Bolter are more dangerous than Grav for me Wink ) and Urien, with a pistol he does not have, shot Carlo's last friend. (Instead my wizard would have had a gun, I mixed that up). Then Urien charged the Khan and finally killed a IC in CC. The Grots killed the Rhino on marker one. I got three d3 objectives for 6 Vps total that turn.

The Dakkabot and Laser-Marine tried to kill a psycher but failed to hurt the wizard who went to ground. The Ravager was finally downed. Five Marines in Rhino tried to deny marker four.

Turn 6

The Grots cleared marker one.


With my last Warriors and the Sybarith's HWG I put two Hps on the Rhino at marker four which was necessary as the Grots only managed to do one HP.


That was enough though, and the five sad Marines were unable to disembark. I scored marker four two times I guess.


DA flamed all but the Laser-Marine on marker five. The Spiritseer cast shrouded on himself.


White Scars:

The wizard finally took a laser-shot to the knee and died for witch hunter. The Marines close to my table edge ran for linebreaker.

The game did not continue to turn seven and we were kind of happy after about five hours? Really we did not play in a long time. After all, it was a very very close game and I did win with 19 to 16 or 17. We did not think that it was that close until we checked turn four and were really surprised. I guess if you play Rhino-Rush you might feel like loosing, but you get a lot of marker in return! As my friend realized that is is possible to win a game by loosing 50+ models I just said 'welcome to my world'. .. .

We made a lot of little and big mistakes. Some are mentioned, some not – the outcome might be a little different on some occasions, but we had a lot of fun anyway.
Also we learned not to mix up cards. You have about four piles: your deck, your discard pile, the ones that you scored and your actual hand. I am still not used to that. Also keeping track of points and taking the time to go over the point scored in one turn is important I guess.

Tactical corner Wink :
To hunt the Warlord-Techmarine with the DA formation instead of, lets say a gunboat, was not only nearly impossible by the rules, but also not smart. I should have stuck to my plan and send the Wyches as long as there was space left on the Thunderfire's balcony. Also to talk about how to charge in such occasions already in the deployment phase would have helped.
I might reserve one gunboat next time against such a list, they did not do much until the warriors were out. But that was partly to insane 3+ saves. Also, they still are a threat!
The little wizard was amazing. Shrouded is gold and +1/-1 is good for Grots especially as re-rolling  when toughness= strength is soooo 6th ed. Fearless or moral -3 also nearly always has some good use. Never underestimate runes of battle.
Urien did not do much expect buffing and tanking a lot of shots, but that is what he is here for, isn't it?
The Sybarit with Haywire was gold. The Wyches did some damage and died too quickly as I used them wrong and misinterpreted the rules. On the other hand, I think they have potential and are not dead after all.
The Grots were amazing, together with some mobile help by the bikes they did the whole work and killed like 30 – 40 marines on their own.
The scatterbikes were a priority target and got killed very early after whiffing one shooting phase. The Reaver on the other hand helped to kill marines, killed the Apo and one biker and were a really good tool.
Dark Artisan: maybe I used them wrong. Maybe they could have cleared and gotten me marker six while the Wyches and one gunboat could have taken care of the Thunderfire and Dakkabot?!

To the Space Marines: I don't play them, but I play against them very often. We discussed the outflanking strategy after the game and came to the solution that it was the right strategy oppoes to a parking lot on my face. I had first turn after all. Maybe I misplaced my Raider, but I took all Lance shots (only not on one Rhino) and still failed to open one. Cover did help there, so the placement was good I guess.
The Thunderfire was great as it fired directly and made a lot of points. The Dakkabot shot two Raider, so that's something.
The Khan against Urien was an experiment, but I also don't know what else to do with him in that phase. The Monster came the turn after the Khan and also got a 2+/4+ …

We agreed that Grav is very valueable, just not against Dark Eldar. Maybe next time my opponent switches Multmelter for Melter als only once the MM had not to snap-shoot and then it missed.

Urien stood on top of what looked like a metal clump with some few stains of paint and could once have been a metal vehicle. In fact it was - until some few moments ago, Urien's children smashed it until it got it's new form. Which Urien found to be just as inelegant as the old one. He took a deep breath and enjoyed the echos of injured souls from beyond as he knew that some passengers were still alive. And they would still be, long after they stopped wishing for it, that was for sure. Those clumsy humans put up a good fight, but to Urien's surprise and satisfaction they fought in numbers- and died in numbers, of course. On second thought he actually was very pleased about those handy casks his new material has chosen to come within. And just when his beloved breed was about to get tired, his loyal troops came to save the day. He might have to ask for the name of that noble Eldar who so quick witted thought about his haywire grenade. Good agents are so hard to find! On the other hand, that ambitious Wych got what she deserved. That would help Urien's alliance with her Succubus. His loyal co-surgeon got a new death for his collection and that weird witcher, together with his henchmen, was gone. They were very ominous after all, weren't they? Urien took another look around as his servants carried the smashed “transport boxes” towards his portal. The wrinkle just next to his left eye (on his second favorite face that he had put on for this day of celebration) just did something which might be the closest thing to smiling that Urien was capable of. Is live not fantastic?


I thank you for reading all this! I would be glad to get some comments and inspirations!!
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1850 pts DE agains SM
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