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 Duke Sliscus

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PostSubject: Re: Duke Sliscus   Thu May 28 2015, 03:31

Not at all! I was just jumping in. Smile
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Klaivex Charondyr

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PostSubject: Re: Duke Sliscus   Thu May 28 2015, 07:41

@Pirate Prince wrote:
Although ive not yet read Valedor, surely Yriel cant have a commorite mother?  The gestation period is years, that would mean he would have to of been born in Commorragh and hence not provided with a soulstone at brirth. He would also of had to be rescued from commoragh by Iyanders surely?

In the books it is not uncommon to mix.
In "Path of the Warrior" one of the Striking Scorpions is a former Incubus.
"Path of the Outcast" has an Exiled Dracon as a Corsair.
"Path of the Renegade" has a Ranger eager to join the Dark Kin.
"Pat of the Incubus" has an Incubus who was an Exodite.
And last but not least in "Valedor" a Biel-Tan Autarch claims to have spent a long time in Commoragh.
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Pirate Prince

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PostSubject: Re: Duke Sliscus   Thu May 28 2015, 09:43

Although I see your point, I just cant see it being likely that a commorite mother would particulary care about where the child was born, so it just seems unlikely to me that she would of made the effort to go to the Craftworld for the birthing process as appose to Commoragh itself, and I just cant imagine Yriel being born anywhere else but on Iyanden (I just cant see the Iynadeners accepted him as a noble if this wasn't the case). Although it is possible that Yreil's father came to claim him after the birth and he could have been born on a ship or at port etc. It just seems to me that it is more likely that the father would be the commorite. I could be wrong, its just me thinking out loud Smile

And on Klaivex Chardonyr's point, I am well aware of the mixing between the species of Eldar, but this is the actually birthing process we are talking about, its not as simple as defection.
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PostSubject: Re: Duke Sliscus   Fri May 29 2015, 00:27

These are just my thoughts on the matter:

Some corsairs never rejoin their people, they find enjoyment in a life of freedom away from the politics. As such, I would imagine that a corsair fleet and/or their Safe Havens would have all the amenities needed to deal with severe injures and births. Whether the father or mother was a Commorite or not isn't really important (as it seems to be more of tracing the lineage according to honoured ancestors rather than a particular gender's family line) as it is likely that the Corsair parents had the child on a Corsair ship or in a safe haven and that the child was not born on a Craftworld or in Commorragh. The birth place doesn't matter as much as the lineage of the individual and if the parent was of the Line of Eldenash and recognized as one then the child would be recognized as one as well. The non-craftworld parent might not be welcome into Iyanden without conforming to Craftworld ideology but the parent (of the line of Eldanesh) and child would have as long as the parent decided to rejoin Craftworld society.

It never seemed to me that the Dark Eldar and Eldar view each other as different races and hate them for what they are racially but instead seemed to be in disagreement about dogma and ideology. The Dark Eldar view the Craftworlders as weak and pampered while the Craftworld Eldar view the Dark Eldar as undisciplined and a danger to the safety of their peoples. I don't see an unindoctrinated child being rejected on the grounds of which part of the webway they were born into by either faction.
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Klaivex Charondyr

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PostSubject: Re: Duke Sliscus   Fri May 29 2015, 07:41

Craftworlds do not seem to reject fellow Eldar anyways.
Just remeber that even the "outcast" Rangers (which is more of a self imposed exile) my return without any question asked if they are ready to stick to "the rules" again.
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Duke Sliscus
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