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 Hordes and how to deal with them

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PostSubject: Re: Hordes and how to deal with them   Mon Jun 08 2015, 11:17

Shredder range is too low. You get to shoot once, then you are within 12" of a horde ... which will just charge your transport and murder it and everyone in it.
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Klaivex Charondyr
Klaivex Charondyr

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PostSubject: Re: Hordes and how to deal with them   Mon Jun 08 2015, 11:46

@TCS900 wrote:
I have two squads of 5 Kabalite Warriors in Venoms. Each squad has a Shredder and the Venoms both have 2 Splinter Cannons. This would probably do well against hordes as it is 190 points for the 2 units combined

Works against someone who doesn't know what he is doing. Stops working against a decent player.
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PostSubject: Re: Hordes and how to deal with them   Mon Jun 08 2015, 12:00

2 squads od naked kabalite is 40 pts. 2 dual SC venom 130. I think you got your math wrong Wink
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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: Hordes and how to deal with them   Mon Jun 08 2015, 12:09

Well, it probably depends heavily on said horde's composition - an IG horde plays very differently to an Ork or 'nid horde.

With IG, they're likely to stay still as much as possible and simply shoot you from afar. And, with heavy weapons, orders and many surplus bodies, they may well win a shooting war.

On the other hand, Orks and nids will basically have to come towards you and, whilst their firepower is far from useless against AV10, combat is their main goal.

For all 3 - and IG in particular - monoscythe missiles are your friends. Grotesques are good against IG and might work against orks and nids too. However, I'd say be wary of Ard boys and/or Pain Boys - those 4+ saves and FNP make them a lot more durable against grotesques than you might think (I've learned this the hard way). But, if they don't have those... have fun. Twisted Evil
Also, be wary of poison on nids - especially since they'll be striking at the same time (possibly faster) as your Grots.

For IG, I'd say taking out their commanders are the key (especially since they tend to have far fewer surplus bodies). Removing their ability to ignore cover or reroll failed armour penetration rolls really hurts them. They may also dislike DA - since their basic weapons can't touch that T7.

With 'nids, if they don't have adrenal glands, then they can't touch your AV10 vehicles - so just stay inside and shoot them to death (though I'd advise first shooting at anything that can touch your vehicles).

Anyway, in all 3 cases, I think the best route tactically is to use our mobility as much as possible. Against Ork and nid hords, clustering up will cause them a lot of trouble as all those infantry will be tripping over themselves trying to reach you (and, in all probability, creating even better targets for monoscythe-death).

Similarly, with IG, try to position yourself so that their heavy weapons can't see you (but preferably so that you can still pick off some infantry). If they're forced to move and snapshot, it should utterly cripple his firepower.
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PostSubject: Re: Hordes and how to deal with them   Mon Jun 08 2015, 15:35

Sorry I got my maths wrong (doesn't normally happen). As for charging, there are two units, preferably placed apart so you can have a backup and they will be grouped after the charge, meaning you can get more with a shredder.
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Mr Believer
Mr Believer

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PostSubject: Re: Hordes and how to deal with them   Tue Jun 09 2015, 09:31

I wouldn't spend points on single shredders personally. If they were double the range I'd be interested, but unless you're fielding them in multiples within a squad, they're too much of a risk. For the amount you might hit after scattering, given the size of the template and assuming your opponent hasn't moved all his stuff shoulder to shoulder, you really might as well just keep the splinter rifle on the one guy. I have been tempted to run a squad of Scourges with four shredders, as their added mobility goes a little way towards mitigating the terrible range, but they're not really a TAC option in my opinion. Razorwing with any combination of missiles you fancy does it for me - in a combined arms detachment, I take two squads of Scourges with haywire blasters and one Razorwing as my fast attack. In the Realspace Raiders detachment, I would probably take two Razorwings and probably another squad of Scourges, but even then I don't think I'd rush to give them shredders. They're just too situational, even if they are cheap.

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PostSubject: Re: Hordes and how to deal with them   

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Hordes and how to deal with them
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