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 I need help on a budget

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PostSubject: I need help on a budget   Sat May 09 2015, 03:27

Under the previous 6th ed codex I was running a complete raider based list using an Archon (with huskblade and soultrap)+Incubi along with multiple wyche squads and a couple of Cronos engines coming through a WWP, mainly because I thought it looked cool. Now that the 7th ed codex basically takes an enormous dump on this idea and with a very limited budget I need to re-tool my entire list.
I need to buy the current codex, which takes a chunk out of my meager cash reserves, so I am wondering where best to put my dollars.
My budget is approx no more than $100 after buying the codex
I have the following stuff already:
archon - currently with a huskblade and splinter pistol, but I am not adverse to pulling arms off
5x incubi
40x wyches (4 are currently armed with razor flails, 2 with whips)
30x warriors (scraping the bitz box I can get to 35, maybe to 40 with a lot of work)
5 reavers
2 cronos
7 raiders (3 of these are the original first release models which shows my constraints)

Based on these constraints what are my best tactical options that I can fit into a 1850 point list?

I am looking for ideas so that I can maximize the bang for my buck without wasting it on ill thought out plans.

Any and all help is appreciated

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PostSubject: Re: I need help on a budget   Sat May 09 2015, 05:37


I think your BEST bet would be to surf trade sites to pick up used minis. Best way to make a budget stretch.

Do you have any Greenstuff skills? If you can sculpt moderately well, you can pick up a box of Empire Flagellants from Fantasy and make them into Wracks with a simple mask added on. Old Dreamblade figs (or Confrontation figs) purchased from OOP collectible mini sites are super cheap and make phenomenal Grotesques.

If you want to stick with new minis, some Venoms would not go amiss. It'd let you drop some Venomspam onto the table, which would give you some anti-vehicle capacity (which you seem to be sorely lacking).

I also think that you could convert one of your Cronos to a Talos, convert a Haemonculus (or buy one) and run a Dark Artisan formation, which is always a tasty addition to a list.

If you want cheap scourges, get ahold of (or convert) the bits you need for heat lances or haywire blasters. Reaper sells packs of wings (I liked the fairy wings, but I think they also have feathered ones) that are half the cost of a pack of scourges.

Finally, you can always find people to trade other armies/other gaming supplies for excess minis they may have.

(I'm a huge fan of gaming on a budget. If you have any questions or ideas on how to go the cheapest route possible, feel free to message me, I'd love to talk shop!)
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PostSubject: Re: I need help on a budget   Sat May 09 2015, 08:58

In terms of specific units, I think if you've been running Raider all this time, you might ewant to consider Venoms. Just a few.
For example if your Incubi are only 5 men strong, slap them in Venom instead.
YOu lose the darklight, but the potential for 12 poison shots is pretty nice (they can also be taken as separate Fast units if you're so inclined).
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PostSubject: Re: I need help on a budget   Sat May 09 2015, 09:19

It's kind of lucky that you have exactly 3 old style raiders. First thing I would do if I were you would be to kit bash those old raiders into 3 ravagers. Use the dark Lance bits from the warrior sprues and the hanging passenger dudes from the new raider kit. Hang them about in the right position and presto, 3 new ravagers ( which arguably are a must) for no monies. Since their the old raiders with the side planks you could probably use standing Gunners as well. Hope that helps
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PostSubject: Re: I need help on a budget   Sat May 09 2015, 10:34

Buy one Haemonculus;
Use one Cronos as a Talos (better if both models aren't "twins");
Stick Haemonculus, Talos, Cronis togheter as a Dark Artisan Formation;
Play exactly as you ever do, with the DA in Deep Strike.

Simple Smile
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PostSubject: Re: I need help on a budget   

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I need help on a budget
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