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 No Codex-No Game?

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PostSubject: Re: No Codex-No Game?   Wed May 13 2015, 06:28

What is this app called??
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PostSubject: Re: No Codex-No Game?   Wed May 13 2015, 09:31

@SeventhSerpent wrote:
So I've been looking into trying out some of the Coven supplement formations recently, however when I went to purchase it on the gw website I noticed they don't seem to have the actual hard cover book even listed anymore. I see I can still get the ebook version but I'd prefer the physical book, call me old fashioned. I was wondering if anyone knew why they no longer had it listed or if anyone had another place they might know where to purchase a copy. I know most of the rules for the formations through general forum browsing but I'd still feel shady showing up to a game without the book to back up the rules.

I think I saw somewhere it's now available in softback?

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PostSubject: Re: No Codex-No Game?   Thu May 14 2015, 18:45

Yeah I saw that somewhere on a different discussion but forgot to bookmark the page Mad Hopefully I can find it soon, I just got two talos kits for my dark artisan formation which I was really hoping to try out this weekend.

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PostSubject: Re: No Codex-No Game?   Thu May 14 2015, 18:59

No codex, no game. I don't mind it being a digital edition (legally purchased or not), as long as it's on a device that can be passed around during the game. But third party apps like battle scribe don't cut it in my experience.

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PostSubject: Re: No Codex-No Game?   

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No Codex-No Game?
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