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 Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs

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PostSubject: Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs   Tue Apr 21 2015, 01:28

The new update to the eldar codex is probably as depressing to you all as it is to me.  As a small consolation, here are my somewhat balanced and fun house rules I have run with my dark kin against a couple of my buddies.

New Dark Eldar Army rules:

Death from above - on a turn which a vehicle arrives from deep strike (NOT using a web way portal or psychic power)  it may choose to fire using either the strafing run or skyfire rule.  Passengers do not receive this benefit.

Thrill Seeking - If a unit passes a morale test, it may count it's PFP number as one (and only ever one) higher than the current round.  This bonus lasts until the beginning of the opposing player's turn, or until the unit fails a morale test of any type.

Vehicle Equipment Changes:

In addition to the reroll granted by splinter racks, Any model aboard a transport with splinter racks may make a ranged attack during the shooting phase as if it carried a splinter rifle.  This attack is not improved by the twin link rule.

Torment launchers have the pinning special rule instead of soulfright.

Weapons changes:

Shredder is changed to a template weapon, strength 5, with the mono filament rule.  Cost is 12 points per model.

Both agonizers and electro-corrosive whips may make an attack as a pistol in the shooting phase or on overwatch, both with a 6" range.  Successful hits are worked out with the weapons normal effect and AP.  This would allow characters to use the gunslinger rule with a pistol and whip or two whips.

The electro-corrosive whip is changed from concussive to a new rule - discharge.  Under discharge, rolls of 6 to hit versus infantry models carry the concussive rule and versus a vehicle carry the haywire special rule.

Phantasm Grenade launchers have the pinning special rule instead of soulfright.

The liquifier and ichor injector are combined into one weapon at a point cost of 20 points.  Due to limited bodily fluids however, it cannot be used as both on the same turn.
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PostSubject: Re: Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs   Tue Apr 21 2015, 09:22

I like them, can't ever see me being able to use them, but I do like them!

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PostSubject: Re: Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs   Thu May 07 2015, 14:47

I like it. There's lots of logic in your thinking!

That is indeed me in the profile picture. I'm the original Haemonculus.
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PostSubject: Re: Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs   Tue May 26 2015, 20:20

I don't think Dark Eldar are more than a hair's width away from being an extremely effective army. In fact, I'd suggest only a few changes to the new codex. They're very minor, in my opinion, but I think they're fluff friendly, and I'd love to hear opinions on them.

Wyches and Wracks may disembark and charge from any open-topped Dark Eldar vehicle that has also moved Flat Out on the same turn.

All normal-sized (non-Bulky) Dark Eldar models have "Abandon Ship." When any model with Abandon Ship is embarked on a vehicle that explodes, those models may avoid taking damage or pinning on a roll of 2+.

Models deep-striking via Web Way Portals may not move on the turn they arrive. However, they may Assault in addition to Running or Shooting as normal.
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PostSubject: Re: Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs   Sun Jul 26 2015, 06:36

Somehow posted on wrong topic. Sorrow.

My homebrew codex is really coming along. Check it out here, and feel free to post a comment!
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PostSubject: Re: Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs   Sun Jul 26 2015, 08:13

Flat out and attack is a bit much. But moving 12 inches and do that would be enough. That would be 18 inches plus 2D6

The Dark Eldar Codex sucks. You probably won just because your enemy loaded his dice to loose. Never forget this mantra and spread the word. Mention it in every discussion possible, people can´t get enough of that valuable information and need to be reminded regularely.
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Homebrew rules that make more sense than GWs
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