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 A Revenant in action - three mini reports

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PostSubject: A Revenant in action - three mini reports   A Revenant in action - three mini reports I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10 2015, 11:55

As any who have seen my Project Log will know, I recently completed construction of my custom Revenant Titan.
Over the past few weeks, its seen it first action, and I thought I'd let people know exactly how it got along.

The simple answer is that the Revenant completely owns the board. Despite taking up half my army it was completely worth it and dominated every game.

In all three games over the last three weeks I played the Revenant, supported by a Balster Archon in Venom, two five man Warrior squads in Venoms, ten Incubi in a Raider, ten Scourge, a unit of two Talos and a Razorwing.


A Revenant in action - three mini reports Rev1_zps7v1z4rff

My first opponent, perhaps fortuitously, was Ravenwing. A fast, melta totting force was alrming at first. He was coming in with tooled up Land Speeders, Attack Bikes, Sammael and of all things a Fire Raptor.

A Revenant in action - three mini reports Rev2_zpsiz3qdkcz

He got his scout move in, but I seized and got in with the first turn, and it was a goodun.
Knowing the kind of army I was facing, I opted for Sonic Lances, and that was a fantastic decision. Per turn, I was wiping out squads.
In that first I took down half the command squad and another entire Bike Squad, plus missiles putting down one of the Land Speeders. The rest of the army moved up as a blocking line, presenting themselves as targets.
As it was this was unnecessary. My opponent was sensible enough, directing some fire to the Revenant, but not enough to get through the Holo-Fields. Those things really are the saving grace of this monster. A 50% chance of any hit instead completely missing is a beautiful thing.
My turn two, and the rest of the command squad and the rest of the Land Speeders fell.
His subsequent turn, and I don't think he was quite learning the lesson. His fire spread out, taking down Venoms, killing Warriors and immobilising the Incubi's transport.
As a result, the following turn Sammael fell to Sonic Lances, as did the rest of his bikes.
His Fire Raptor, though it tried its hardest, simply couldn't get through the Holo-Fields.

A Revenant in action - three mini reports Rev3_zpstyik8xr9

The general tactic in this game was to be wary, skirt the outer edge of the board and lay in the fire, and that was the best option. I stripped the Ravenwing of their greatest advantages (speed plus jink) and layed them to waste. By the end the Revenant was content to sit back and let the Incubi charge whatever was left.


The second game was against someone a little more seasoned, but he still had serious problems.

It was Eldar this week, and a competitive list/player fielding Iyanden. I had a Warlord Wraithknight to deal with, along with three Wraithlords, two units of Wraithguard and one of Wraithblades in Wave Serpeants.

A lot of the game was fast paced, Venoms skimming around and laying what poison they could into the Wraithlords. It was the early arrival of the Razorwing which really helped in taking down one of the Wave Serpeants and opening the Wraithblades open to fire, but it really was fun in turn three watching the blades take Scourge fire, and then fall to said Scourge in combat (thank you Hammer of Wrath).
The Revenant was tied up for time though. From turn one, I wanted the Knight taken down, so thats where it focused itself, but the Sonic Lances just weren't doing the job. They managed to take a Wave Serpeant as a side glance, but couldnm't stop the Knight getting in close and charging.
Without the benefit of the Holo-Fields, this is where the Revenant took a lot of damage. Its slow speed and limited attacks made it fairly ineffective in the combat, and nearly cost it everything.
The Talos got in there and managed to do a little damage to the Wraith knight, but ultimately it was unnecessary.
The Revenant was down to a single hull point when it finally got its Stomp in, and got a lovely, lovely six on the Stiomp chart. One Wraithknight insta-killed by a rotating, flying death disk slapping it in the face.
From that point the Revenant only had a turn or two of effectiveness, aiding in taking down the last few Eldar unit.
At the end my opponent unfortunately had two units left, and a slight difficult terrain issue prevented me getting into position to stop my opponent winning on objective points only (I was a single point below). Turn five ended the game, but "one more" would have done it. All he had was a single Wraithguard, with ten Incubi a mere few inches away, and one Wave Serpeant with a single Hull Point left.


Game three could be the shortest game of 40k I've ever played.

This time, it was LoW against LoW as the Revenant came face to face with a Stompa.

A Revenant in action - three mini reports Rev4_zpspqkjap9z

The Stompa was suppoorted by a Battlewagon, Deathkopptas, Trucks, etc.
Worse, it had INSIDE IT a unit of Lootas, the Warboss and some Meganobs, and SEVERAL Meks (one a Big Mek) with supprt Grots to heal the Stompa should he have any problems.
I, and presumably my opponent, thought this would be a real challenge.

Look carefully at the picture above, showing the amries as they were arrayed the beginning of the game.

Now. I went first.

I has opted for Pulsars instead of Sonic Lances this time.

The Revenant got the first shot in.

Remember that picture?

Here's the board at the end of my first turn:

A Revenant in action - three mini reports Rev5_zpskbbq0nbu

Notice whats missing?

D Weapons absolutely kill everything. Making no distinction, the Pulsars blasted into the Stompa. Many 6's were rolled, and the thing simply fell apart. it lost every single Hull Point in a single load of shooting from the Revenant, not even its forcefield offering any protection. The subsequent detonation of the Stompa killed all but a couple of smaller Meks, and then the scattering explosion sweeped down his line and took out the DeffKoptas and the Trucks, laying waste to two-thirds, maybe three quarters of his entire army.
To make matters worse, a bit of Venom cannon fire killed only a few of the Lootas hiding in a crater at the back, but caused them to flee off the board.
By the end of turn ONE, all my opponent had on the board was the Battle Wagon, and it had an entire Dark Eldar army at full strength bearing down on it.


Seeing as the night was young, we restarted.
This time I inentionally kept the Revenant busy with other things, and my opponent went first.
It didn't help him. In the LoW-off we were having, the Revenant was simply superior. For a second time it got its Pulsar shots in, but this time went slower. One Pulsar at the Stompa per turn wore it down, but gave it a fighting chance. The rest of my army suffered a bit, but rhe Stompa still fell to Pulsar fire. Again exploding, again killing everyone inside (with one or two exceptions) and taking out part of his army with it.

So, turn three.
I went for a completely differewnt tactic this time, as it was Purge The Alien.
The Revenant sent its fire at everything else, taking out one or two entire units per turn was big blasts. My opoonent pretty much did the same, turning his fire on my army and swiftly blowing large portions of it away.
By the end though, the inevitable happened. The table came down to my Revenant, a Razorwing and a Blaster-Archon up against a Stompa. Pulsar fire blarred, and a Stompa fell (taking an Archon with it). Even on VPs, it came out a Dark Eldar victory.


In conclusion, the Revenant owns the board.
I suspect I see now the massive imbalance the Titan LoWs cause. With only one on the board, they dominate. It takes a lot to even damage one, and even then it can still move on and decide the game.
When they come up against each other, they make the game extremely fast (quicker than Kill-Team!) and it really does just come down to who gets the good shot in first. If only one has a ranged D Weapon, from what I've seen thats all you need. One shot, the enemy LoW gone, and the game is yours.

That said, I humbly recommend the Revenant quite highly to anyone thinking of experimenting.

Definitely keep it back to lay down some swerious supporting fire, and where possible keep it and its fire away from your own units. Its fire can hurt you too, and it does finally get destroyed, it WILL take you with it. If it can take out half its own Ork army, I shudder to think what it can do to us.

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PostSubject: Re: A Revenant in action - three mini reports   A Revenant in action - three mini reports I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10 2015, 12:32

If you want to win games and lose friends the Revenant is your man every time! Very Happy

A Revenant in action - three mini reports YhBv3Wk
You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting. In what world could you possibly beat me?
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PostSubject: Re: A Revenant in action - three mini reports   A Revenant in action - three mini reports I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10 2015, 12:53

@Count Adhemar wrote:
If you want to win games and lose friends the Revenant is your man every time! Very Happy


I think the Revenant exists to make the Lynx seem reasonable by comparison.
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PostSubject: Re: A Revenant in action - three mini reports   A Revenant in action - three mini reports I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 10 2015, 12:55

Hot damn that death and destruction.

The revenant looks even better when you have pictures of it in a battle, looks brilliantly alien floating around as a spinning ball of death.

Awesome work squid Smile

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it's the Starsky and Hutch venom! but I'm kinda ok with that
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A Revenant in action - three mini reports Empty
PostSubject: Re: A Revenant in action - three mini reports   A Revenant in action - three mini reports I_icon_minitime

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A Revenant in action - three mini reports
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