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 Phantasm Grenade Launcher?

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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Re: Phantasm Grenade Launcher?   Tue May 05 2015, 14:39

Even aside from being worthless against marines and fearless (which is a massive liability in and of itself), I still dislike Soulfright weapons because:
a) Multiple hits don't stack (thereby cripplng any plans I might have of concentrating fire), and
b) I don't know what damage (if any) the unit sustained until it's too late to assign more. I don't want to hit a unit with Soulfright and then ignore it, only for it to double-1 it's Ld test and take no damage. Likewise, if I soulfright a unit and then whittle it to almost nothing with other shooting, only for it to fail its Ld by a ton, I'm going to feel that I've wasted a lot of energy.

Soulfright would be a nice rule to have as a bonus (similar to Soulfire) on weapons that are effective anyway. But, when Soulfright is the only effect of said weapons... no. Just no.
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PostSubject: Re: Phantasm Grenade Launcher?   Tue May 05 2015, 20:08

@Deamon wrote:
How do you move 18" and ram?  Tank shock happens in the movement phase so you can't move more than 12"

Yes you're right. I was thinking of something else.

Tank shocking units with -2/-4 leadership is still completely hilarious. Ramming waveserpents with raiders and winning is also hilarious. I'm really glad they changed how shockprows work in 7th.
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Phantasm Grenade Launcher?
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