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 1650p Blood Angels vs. Dark Eldar Full HD BATREP

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Lost Vyper
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Lost Vyper

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PostSubject: 1650p Blood Angels vs. Dark Eldar Full HD BATREP   Fri Mar 27 2015, 14:36

"They come for all of us!" "The Emperor and Dante will protect..." or will they?

Maelstrom Mission, Tactical Escalation for a change, angels going against the dark ones with new formations in use...there´s Rhinos too! Shall the Grotesquerie fare well against Dante, Priest and Chaplain joined by an Assault squad? Will the S3 AP3 flamer work this time? Can the Reavers get their hands on some good dope or something very stepped on stuff?

Come and see, 1650p Blood Angels vs. Dark Eldar, a classic Reseda Prime battle report...


- Lost Vyper / Reseda Prime crew
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1650p Blood Angels vs. Dark Eldar Full HD BATREP
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