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 Need alittle help as a Starting Dark Eldar player.

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PostSubject: Need alittle help as a Starting Dark Eldar player.   Thu Sep 08 2011, 19:24

Well I am new to Dark Eldar (but not Eldar I started 40k with Eldar, now playing Marines and wife is playing the Eldar). I have got a Battlion, another box of Warriors, a Talos, and a Razorwing and looking for help with what to get next. I am planning on some Hermys and an Archon.
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PostSubject: Re: Need alittle help as a Starting Dark Eldar player.   Thu Sep 08 2011, 20:10

Haemonculus is good choice, since he can be tooled to do... everything, including CC and shooting (don't count on him tho, he is NOT Your main fighter). Archon is also good choice.

You may consider buying at least 2 Venoms and either fielding 2 small Trueborn or Warrior units with blasters (maybe even expanding that with another Box of Warriors and 2 Venoms)

I guess Wyches WILL take Raider, so probably another box of Wyches and 2 Raiders (You may make additional 4 wyches from Venom crew (2 per craft), there also should be 2 gunners that may be swapped with Raider Gunners) allow You to have 3x8 groups in transports (and that is probably as much as You want).

You probably want more bikes, since they seem to work in bigger groups. You can have up to 12 from 3 boxes* (so You need 2 sets)

Taloses works best in "big" groups, so You may want up to 3 of them (including Cronoses)
Also, You may consider buying another Razorwing and Ravager, or two of latter (this depends on Your preferences)

So suming up:
(add Archon)
(add 1-3 Haemi)
10 Warriors (add another 10-20 + 2-6 Venoms)
10 Wyches (add 10 + 2 per Venom) + Raider (add 2 and split 24 wyches into 3x8 groups)
3 Bikes (add 6-9)*
Talos ( add 1-2)

And I guess that should be absolutely enough until next release Razz
Oh, You may pick some Harlequins, either for or from Your wife since they are pretty much the same.

* Sir Tainly wrote excellent tutorial, it's first on list:
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Need alittle help as a Starting Dark Eldar player.
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