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 Blaster Archon Warlord

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The Shredder
The Shredder

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PostSubject: Blaster Archon Warlord   Sat Mar 07 2015, 11:06

I've seen quite a few people talk about using a Blaster Archon as their warlord, and I have some questions regarding this tactic:

1) Do you give the Archon any other gear (Clone Field, Shadowfield or the like), or just a blaster?

2) What squad do you put him with? Warriors, Trueborn, Sslyth, something else?

3) How do you use him? I ask because, in my experience, blasters don't have nearly enough range to keep their users safe. So, how do you actually make use of his blaster without risking what is a very fragile warlord? Or, do you keep him back and use his blaster almost as a last-resort?
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PostSubject: Re: Blaster Archon Warlord   Sat Mar 07 2015, 11:11

I run my Blaster Archon with Portal and squad of blasterborn in shadowfield Rider. If enemy is short in ignore cover weapons this is quite survivalable 5-6 DL shot boat.
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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: Blaster Archon Warlord   Sat Mar 07 2015, 11:40

I've used a blaster archon in one of two ways only (But I'll definitely be trying other things too)

both times were with a shadowfield and webway portal though. The unit changes - In my pure DE list I would stick him in a raider with a unit of blasterborn.

Then in my DE/E list I stuck him in a unit of 5-6 stock wraithguard and an autarch with fusion gun <--- I actually really like this unit and will always use it when I play DE/E. The archon brings them in behind something important to kill, then proceeds to tank shots for them with his majority T6 and 2+ inv.

I have thought of kitting out either/both the Archon and Autarch with 1-2 items that help them do something in combat (like the soulshrive and an agoniser) to make sure the unit won't get bogged down in combat, but I haven't played this unit in a list higher than 1500 yet so I've had to shave down the points.

EDIT: (I just realised, I must note that I actually didn't use him as my warlord with the DE/E list - I had a Dark Artisan Haemy as my warlord in that, so I wouldn't use the archon to tank some of the bigger shots if he is your warlord)
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PostSubject: Re: Blaster Archon Warlord   Sat Mar 07 2015, 12:43

Stuff him with -2LD armor in a Venom with 1-2 Death Jesters and a -2LD Shadowseer.

Shoot up the board and -4LD psychic shriek, -6LD morale fleeing in the direction of my choice.

Maybe not very competitive, but very rage inducing. Maybe a Phantasm launcher for the lols, even if it's not TAAC.
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PostSubject: Re: Blaster Archon Warlord   Sat Mar 07 2015, 17:36

Blaster and that's it, maybe a Webway portal. Then I stick him with a unit of Blasterborn, Fire Dragons, or Wraithguard.
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PostSubject: Re: Blaster Archon Warlord   

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Blaster Archon Warlord
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