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 Harlequin Masks - Who plays who?

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PostSubject: Harlequin Masks - Who plays who?   Thu Mar 05 2015, 11:20

As you probably know, each Harlequin mask supposedly represents a character from Eldar mythology. But nowhere have I found a complete explanation which masks represent which exact character. Info from GW is fragmentary at best.

So I'm making a list here, sorted by the boxes in which the masks are included. We can then search for evidence and discuss which mask could represent which character. I will update the list with every plausible find. Question marks indicate theoretical/unconfirmed identifications.

The point of it all is to provide a way to make sure the composition of a Troupe, and even the models themselves, represent the characters in a way that makes sense in regards to their fluff.


Solitaire: Slaanesh
Death Jester: Death
Shadowseer: Fate

Harlequin Troupe

Plain male face: ???
Plain female face: ???
Female face with teardrop: Isha
Wrinkled face: Morai-Heg?
Smiling face: ???
Skull face: Khaine?
Grinning face with ears: Cegorach
Devil face with ears: Cegorach
Face with ears and forehead gem: ???
Female face with blank right half: Blind Princess?
Female face with blank, "scarred" left half: ???
Male face with blank, "scarred" right half: ???
Skull face with holey blank left half: ???
Grinning face with diamond-patterned right half: Scion of Cults
Half mask with long nose: Great Falcon?
Half mask with short nose: FaolchĂș?


Face with "grate" mouth: Khaine?
Face with "sarred" eyes: ???
Female face with horns: ???
Split face with wrinkled left half: ???
Split face with swirl on the right half: ???
Split face with skull left half:
Grinning face: Cegorach?
Grinning face with long nose: ???


Ornate male face: ???
Male face with forehead gem: ???
Female face with forehead diamond: ???
Wrinkled face with long nose: ???
Angry male face: ???
Angry split face with skull left half: ???
Split face with studded left half: ???
Female split face with only an eye hole in the right half: ???
Face with five holes in place of a mouth: ???
Split face with female right and wrinkled male left half: ???
Grinning face with long nose: ???
Serious face with long nose and pointy chin: ???

Let the guessing begin then!

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PostSubject: Re: Harlequin Masks - Who plays who?   Thu Mar 05 2015, 12:02

Page 17 of Codex Harlequins names a few, the Dawnsinger, the Blinded Princess, the Scion of Cults and Isha being some of them. Not sure which one is which, though.
The Shadowseer is supposed to be Fate.

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PostSubject: Re: Harlequin Masks - Who plays who?   Thu Mar 05 2015, 18:43

From reading the information in the Codex and painting guide, it seems the style of the masks aren't directly tied to the role, but rather how they are adorned.

So those half blank masks, for example, represent the "twinned nature of fate and death" when worn by Players of the Veiled Path, but can also represent the Scion of Cults when decorated with checks/diamonds, or either Dawnsinger or the Blind Princess when half black and half white.

Similarly, both the devil face and the grinning face are Cegorach when worn by the Troupe Master as their role is always that of (a facet of) the Laughing God.

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PostSubject: Re: Harlequin Masks - Who plays who?   

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Harlequin Masks - Who plays who?
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