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PostSubject: Butterfingers   Wed Mar 04 2015, 17:22

I had a clumsy mishap today.

I was spraying my new reavers outside on my third floor balcony this afternoon, when a sudden gust of wind zephyrically ejected my new recruits from the premises and to the car park below.

They were surprisingly graceful in their descent and got some very respectable airtime before having their journey cruelly halted by planet Earth's formidable crust.

Thankfully, since their fall was softened by some handy foliage, no one was hurt.

I invite you to share your own stories of farcical 40k-related panics here Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Wed Mar 04 2015, 17:56

At a tournament, a year ago, I set my case up on the table to remove my models for play. I dropped my tape measure and bent over to get it. as I did so my should nudged my case in such a way that the whole thing crashed to the floor. Fortunately only my infantry tray was left in the box. There were about 50 casualties. Kabalites and Wyches turned to pieces.

Sad sad days
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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Wed Mar 04 2015, 18:26

@Blank05 wrote:
There were about 50 casualties. Kabalites and Wyches turned to pieces.

Ouch. That's the worst!

Reminds me of another clumsy moment. I was playing against a friend's DE and accidentally dropped my tape-measure right on top of one of his Venoms. It was utterly obliterated pale

Edit: I bought him a new one!
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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Wed Mar 04 2015, 20:43

Today, while i cut my ravager rudder out of the sprue, the tip broke off, had to replace it with a skull spike from the same box.
And there was the case i forgot on the train, 230 euros models and case, also a year of work. Evil or Very Mad
My new one has a strap, gotta learn from my mistakes Idea

Archon of the Kabal of the Burning Misery
Thanks for making the Djinn Blade great for once Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Wed Mar 04 2015, 21:52

Not entirely my fault, but I have to claim some responsibility for leaving the case where I did. Was packing up after a game, put my case on top of a stack of terrain boxes (no empty tabletop space). As we were clearing terrain off the table, one of the guys on the table behind stepped back and bumped the stack. Case, still open falls off. 5 foot drop. Lands face down. Had to repair upwards of 30% of the army. Still stings.

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Black Death

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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Thu Mar 05 2015, 04:57

Many years back, I was taking my Deathwing army into a now gone gaming store when I tripped on the yellow parking pylon. Seeing them actually deep strike deploy was harsh. This was back in the still metal days. Spent over an hour finding all the parts. The worst part was it was all painted and the 2 land raiders became wrecks. This was shortly after the release of the now plastic ones.

Now in a mini tourney we had about 4 years ago, customers came into the store, which was closed, and in between rounds, my DE army was sitting on it's tray out of the way when the kids, about 4-6 years old decided, WOW lets play with those. Didn't notice at first while watching one of the other games coming to an end but had to fix my raiders and a few troops. The dad wanted to buy/replace what broke but nothing was terriblely hurt and none that was painted. I did win that tourney, it was after the last dex came out and before 6th ed.

" Dismemberment, mutalation and torture. These are the good things in life. Shall I show you?" Succubus Morna Fateweaver of the Cult of Black Death
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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Thu Mar 05 2015, 08:42

I once (and only once) made the mistake of leaving a foam tray on the floor whilst playing. I subsequently stumbled onto it, utterly crushing 8 SM bikes and an attack bike. I mean, properly crushed, unsaveable.

My dining room, where I play, used to have these ugly faux-Gothic light fittings, with a rounded spike at the bottom, about 6'2" off the ground. Fine for normal life, but when you ecitedly jump off the ground after a good dice roll...
That light fitting has drawn scalp blood on at least four of us!
It is now replaced by some nice bright LED fixtures, and there is celebratory headroom.
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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Thu Mar 05 2015, 08:53

I'd just finished painting Astorath the Grim for a game against my mate's tyranids. He bravely lead the death company into the attack, and got toasted by overwatch fire (yup, the dice rolling was that bad).

When I got home i decided to take the model inside to get a decent picture of him, sitting him on top of a box of other stuff. You guessed it, metal model, overbalanced, hit the garage floor and exploded into its component parts, chipping substantial amounts of the paint job. He's not been out since and is still awaiting a repair and repaint about a year later.

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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Thu Mar 05 2015, 11:24

Once upon a time, I had a Chaos army.

I lovingly built a Daemon Prince with the lovely power armoured metal guy, converted with parts from Ghazghul Thraka.
Upon completion, I varnished of course, and left to dry. As I stepped away a great power than the Chaos gods, my cat Loki, jumped onto the table and sat next to my new Prince.
I made the mistake of thinking "aww, how cute", and watched as Loki blatted the servant of false gods off the table with one fell swoop.
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Mr Believer

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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   Thu Mar 05 2015, 17:27

^ Cats are such jerks Laughing

The best one I ever saw was about 12, 14 years ago. Some friends and I had set up all our stuff for a huge, weekend long battle on a lounge carpet. Ten thousand points plus a side, pre-Apocalypse, and a lot of those points were orks, so you can imagine how many models there were. One friend had been sitting in the middle of the battlefield deploying his tiny Chaos Marines army, whilst another painstakingly reattached the metal parts back onto his lovingly painted Fire Prism, which he then deployed. The Chaos friend stood up and stumbled - cramp. He pitched forward and staggered across our cluttered deployment zone. Bam! His first footstep crushes some genestealers. Bam! Footstep number two sends some Rough Riders flying. Bam! My Deff Dread will never be the same again. As his finale, he stamped on the Fire Prism, smashing the turret into three separate bits. I didn't even care that he'd damaged some of my stuff, the whole thing was one of those "You have to laugh or you'd cry" scenarios, and I laughed and laughed and laughed.

The Eldar player wasn't too pleased though.

My other car is a Ravager
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PostSubject: Re: Butterfingers   

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