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 The New Shiny

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Impulse Buy

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PostSubject: The New Shiny   Wed Sep 07 2011, 00:50

I can't help it. I see something I like, something relatively new, strong, and shiny... and I must have it.

Why? I've played every army except Sisters. I constantly buy, paint, see the new shiny, sell the old stuff and buy the new stuff. Codex upon codex, year upon year... Why Slaanesh, why? I just want a cozy loyal army to call my own!

How do you deal with this terrible habit? I'm on the verge of another switch...
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Sky Serpent
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PostSubject: Re: The New Shiny   Wed Sep 07 2011, 20:28

Welcome to the forum Impulse Buy.

I suffered from the same condition during 3rd Edition, a great time for players as well as collectors. From mid 3rd to the end the quality of the releases for the redone codexes was great.

Tyranids, I bandwagoned.
Tau, I bandwagoned.
Chaos 3.5, I bandwagoned
Space Wolves, I bandwagoned.

I know that's not the correct order they were released in but just seeing the codex and the new miniatures gave me that wow effect.

I can't say I sold my army to buy the next one but I definetly abandoned armies and projects when something shiny came out.

So, coming back into the hobby a few years a go I was liquidising my entire collection which paid rent for a while and bought me an Exodite, then a Skaven army. I too was after a loyal army and when the rumours of the Dark Eldar being redone became cemented I knew I had my choice.


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PostSubject: Re: The New Shiny   Wed Sep 07 2011, 20:54

I guess constant bitching about Marines (-50% of GW relases) and NOT Phil Kelly's book (-80%) help a lot Razz

Also, do You really need more than 2-3 armies? I hardly find time to paint my junk fully, which mean they don't get outside too often...

And hey, welcome on poopdeck. (I love that word, English is sooo "funnyeah!")

There is also alternative way - scratchbuilds.
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Raucir Lustingclaw
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PostSubject: Re: The New Shiny   Fri Sep 09 2011, 10:20

Welcome along, Impulse! Nice avatar. Very Happy

I personally deal rather well with Shinyitis. If you need a more solid reason to uy new models, get involved in a Tale of (insert number here) Gamers - that'll give you a great reason to buy new models and paint them up every month while sticking to a budget!

I'm actually doing really well with my Dark Eldar - a friend of mine kept trying to goad me into buying 2.5k of models for the tournament next month, but so far I've got about a thousand points' worth and only five incubi left to paint! I think it all depends on your disposable income and just how long you've been into the hobby. I've only been playing Battlemallet for two years, so I've got a pretty tight rein on my spending.

Good luck trying to control your urges with all of the gorgeous models we're getting!


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Kabalite Warrior

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PostSubject: Re: The New Shiny   Fri Sep 09 2011, 11:15

For me, I am quite loyal to my armies until I decided to push myself further. Each new army pose an interesting challenge to me, both in terms of painting, modelling and playing them (I have 6 40k armies of considerable sizes, (tTau 4.5k, Chaos 4.5k, SoB 2k, Daemons 3k, Orks 2.5k and Dark Eldar approximately around 3k-ish) and a 7k Warriors of Chaos army). So far, my Dark Eldar and Orks are the most aesthetically pleasing armies I have, and perhaps my two strongest. Not to mention that in mindset I am more of a Xenos player.

Shiny models syndrome only extent themselves if the models are something of a rarity or a limited collection model. I guess that is also why I have all the Blood Angels special characters (all-metal) but no marine armies of any standing kind (I got a Marine army once to understand the idea of blending, but it killed my soul playing it as I never connected to it. Got a hefty amount of cash for selling the entire army).

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PostSubject: Re: The New Shiny   

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The New Shiny
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