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 New Necrons vs. Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP

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Lost Vyper
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Lost Vyper

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PostSubject: New Necrons vs. Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP   Thu Feb 19 2015, 18:25

Another one from the Reseda Prime crew!

Here we can see a whole different version of the new Necron force (still 1250p) going against the Eldar foe. Shall the Vaul´s Wrath decimate the Necrons or shall the Wraiths destroy everything in their wake? Can the Farseer Psychic Shriek some dead robots or shall the firepower of the S5 weaponry murder some space elves?

Emperor´s Will Primary (3p)

Modified Maelstrom Secondary (2p)

First Blood, Slay The Warlord, Line Breaker, Last Laugh (1p each)


- Lost Vyper
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New Necrons vs. Eldar 1250p HD Video BATREP
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